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Designing The Star Wars Toys For Disney Infinity 3.0

Game Informer learns from Avlanche’s Jeff Bunker what it takes to create the signuature look of Disney Infinity and how tough it is to blend with the iconic characters of Star Wars.

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  1. The game is a complete rip off I bought 3.0 just to play with the Star Wars characters and inside out the story's are soo short and boring the sand. Box I played with the ships for 15 minutes and got bored man ffuck this game just by the action figures

  2. I absolutely love this type of videos, where they show a little of the creative process behind the making of toys and arts in general.

    Does anyone know where I can find more of this kind of videos showing the creative process?

  3. The amount of time they spent on Han's face definitely shows. He looks so much like Harrison Ford did in those films, down to the expression. Leia, on the other hand, looks strong and pretty but not at all like Carrie Fisher. I guess it was hard to make the figure in her likeness.

  4. Can 4.0 have unaversal characters like
    1. Marty McFly (make this in the game first)
    2. Owen grady (jurassic world)
    3. Octimus prime
    4. Minions
    5. Indiana jones

    Also make no limits so as much toys as you want

  5. 1:29 Characters who hasn't appeared in the actual Disney Infinity (at least not yet)

    Remy from Ratatouille
    Pongo from 101 Dalmations
    Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas
    Aurora from Sleeping Beauty
    Simba from the Lion King
    Elizabeth Swann from Pirates of the Caribbean
    Errrrrr….. The Jonas Brothers?
    Belle and the Beast from Beauty and the Beast
    Prince John from Robin Hood
    Flynn Rider from Tangled

  6. can youadd to disney infinty 4 you can make your on charters and weapons to we want to creat are own charters kids or adults can make there charter. iam 8 years old

  7. and for disney infinity 4.o can you make batman and you can you make them fitght people like in batman arkam night please that would be asome

  8. Damn I had no idea Disney Infinity took inspiration from Valve on their character design, that's awesome!

  9. You did the perfect blend and style of figures and gaming. Love the entire collection and gameplay. I hope you guys keep this line alive!

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