Criminal Activity DLC Trailer – Battlefield Hardline

Take a first look at Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity.

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  1. Not even caring…woudn't even give 5$ for this shit, and the worst of all i'm still on ps3 and the game on it is ABSOLUTE CRAP! Wrost game ever, only find the same players over again and maps like Riptide are so damn incomplete (not just Riptide) compared to other maps…AND JUST FIX THE HEADSET CHAT! EA FOR FUCK SAKE! THE PS3 HEADSET CHAT IS TOO LOW! I'M NOT GIVING YOU A GODAMN CENT EVER AGAIN! FUCK YOU!

  2. How to get no life:
    1.Buy K10,P90,MPX,M416
    or M16A3
    2.Buy good attachments
    3.Play the map The Block on conquest large or TDM
    4.Play like COD
    5.Enjoy graining kills,cash and EXP

  3. WTF. An M1A1 Thompson with Drum magazine and vertical front grip? Funny just like the M1A1 Thompson on COD WAW. I hope they fix that because that Thompson is half M1A1 and half 1928.

  4. I enjoy BATTLEFIELD hard line. I stop playing bf4 7 months ago because of the bugs on the ps3 and ps4. I need to level up two times for the max but bf4 is still broken. I will stick to my 57 kills 15 deaths in battlefield hardline

  5. Hang on…so two of the four maps are ripped straight from the campaign? Wow. I quite enjoy the Hardline MP (needed a break after BF4), but can't justify buying this.

  6. I'm sitting here happy to see just a fresh new look on Battlefield while reading how a bunch of whiny bitches complain. Why did u sorry little kids even click this vid? EA probably looks at this in disgust at how stupid all of u complainers sound 🙂

  7. Wow there getting lazy with there dlc trailers.. i remember back in bf3 and bf4.. u saw a dlc trailer it would looked so epic, it would get you hyped and make you wanna buy the dlc.. but this trailer here looks like how a call of duty dlc trailer would be revealed.

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