Assassin's Creed Syndicate – Jacob Trailer

Take a first look at the protagonist from Ubisoft’s upcoming Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.

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  1. Yanıtla  · 17 

    6 yanıtın tümünü görüntüle 
    Ana Khan 1 ay önce
     I love Unity as well. And I can't wait for this!
     Yanıtla  · 

    Emerald Alien 3 hafta önce (düzenlendi)
     +Jimbo Gee Can I get an amen to that?
     Yanıtla  · 

    CheezmonkeyUK 2 ay önce
     We took out one of the only good things about ACU (co-op) but dont be sad! You get a grapple hook and the world is a bit bigger
     Yanıtla  · 10 

    7 yanıtın tümünü görüntüle 
    Emerald Alien 3 hafta önce
     +CheezmonkeyUK The coop was unnecessary and felt like an add-on, not exactly crucial to the game. Plus there is a lot more new stuff if you've watched every video and taken note of everything they said. They are keeping things like customization, which IMO was probably the best thing about Unity, as well as taking things out that were shit like micro transactions, initiates, U play and the god awful companion app.
     Yanıtla  · 

    Emerald Alien 3 hafta önce (düzenlendi)
     +CheezmonkeyUK Plus the reason they took out coop and multiplayer was to focus on the single player experience, which I can appreciate because that means they are doing their best to make the best game they can. I mean, AC 2 had none of that crap and is a fantastic game.
     Yanıtla  · 

    TheGamingHoe 2 ay önce
     So I Have a revolver and probably other weapons too like a rifle and shotgun, why don't I just fucking shoot everyone? 
     Yanıtla  · 21 

    19 yanıtın tümünü görüntüle 
    Jackson Meade 2 ay önce
     Oh ok I know which comment. I'm on mobile tho so can u tell me what I put originally? This was a long time ago
     Yanıtla  · 

    azooz solami 2 ay önce
     Another day .. Another assassin's creed game
     Yanıtla  · 60 

    10 yanıtın tümünü görüntüle 
    JayWARPED 2 ay önce

  2. They forgot one thing in the gauntlet. Hidden blade, hallucinogenic dart launcher, rope launcher AND integrated brass knuckles

  3. If not for Jacob doing the dirty work, Evie wouldn't have had all that time to search for pieces of Eden. And yet all he ever gets is…. Negativity

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