All the Details on Female Players in FIFA 16

With the announcement that FIFA is the first football (soccer) game to include female players, Danny talks to Ben Howard about how playing footie with women will be a completely new experience for FIFA fans.

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  1. I alwase have bin a console guy and i owne all consoles. But 3 weeks ago someting hapend that wuild change gaming for me. I got a pc. First a wanted it to mod gta 5 but later i that there was far more to explore on pc en i got into games like cs go and skyrim. Now my ps4 and xbox one are just cathing dust. I will use them to play halo 5 and uncharted 4, but after that i will sell them. I still use my wiiu for when i play with my girl friend or friends but not for hardcore gaming sessions. So i gues i'm part of the pc master race now. By my fellow console brothers and sisters. (Dont get mad at me its totally cool to play xbox, wii or ps)

  2. This will be good to play as women in the game , but we should play as women's clubs too , and career mode for them too and improve the mode so we can youth teams built in and we can have academy's for girls and train and improve the players like Fm15 , and also do this for the main mode so yeah ,

  3. Honestly Fifa has lost touch the last few years and its a shame PES isn't really that good either, nothing wrong with women teams but its should just be as it's own game, i think that is fair, why have only 12 female teams who can't even play against the male teams. so either have 2 games or sell it as DLC to see what sort of sales numbers it generates then work from there. But forcing only 12 female teams into the normal Fifa game is not really a good idea.

  4. Fine, okay, cool enough, whatever. Now are you going to fix the issues with manager mode? Player growth? actual managers? actually make some progress for the first time in 4 years? Or are you going to pretend this is an amazing progressive thing which should be praised to distract everyone from all the broken shit in your game? It's a few new players and teams, with tweaked gameplay. Nothing more.

  5. @ 2:19 By "faster and more agile" he musta meant lighter on their feet when changing directions. There's no way any sensible man can say elite women athletes have faster linear speed than elite men

  6. Fifa is boring and repetitive. Same thing all over again. If you wanna play soccer go a to a park or join a local team. Nothing is better better than the REAL thing leave video games for the imagination.

  7. Well the votes on the official EA press release video show how much gamers truly care about this addition but GAMESPOT has never been accused of caring what gamers think (gamers are dead remember), they would much rather keep their corruption (favours for good reviews) than do an honest review. So while I think this is a great addition I find it offensive that GAMESPOT does not care about advances in the gameplay at all as long as they get their SJW demands complied with. Honestly if you listened to just this review you would think that the women's teams play a much higher skilled game than men so I am left to wonder if the female characters are accurate representations or whether they are some sort of super players that have their speed and agility turned up?

  8. i just really hope realism isn't sacrificed for equality, there are some great women footballers and the standard of women's football has gone up significantly. But there's major differences in pace and strength between the sexes that are just fact.

  9. Cool idea, but the women in Fifa 16 better be realistic. By that I mean that if some women players are like 65 Overalls, FIFA better not make them all 76+ with like 90+ stats thrown in, too. I will seriously check online to see that real quick and if they don't give us their real stats, I'll keep my Fifa 15!

  10. I've noticed women's soccer has been getting a lot more attention lately. Maybe it's party because here in Canada, our women's team manages a lot better then our men's in their respective league. Unlike our men's, our women's could at least play in the World Cup.

  11. Player is out 12 months due to pregnancy
    *tries to control player*This player will not listen to a man because she is on her period

  12. Lot of faces-textures are "wrong" in the way of how they are rendered since early 2000's (In all) games. We need a technology that is "adaptable"
    Dx12 maybe ?

  13. If Canada wasn't the host this year, is it safe to say their spot in this would've went to to the previous champs, Japan?

  14. I don't mind if there are women's teams, I am surprised at how annoyed some gamers are… The more the variety, the better it is!! But I am curious to see if women't teams can play mens teams, that may be a harsh game if they can with all the slide tackles I do. Hahaha

  15. For once women are equal in something. Football is not just a men's sport its for everyone to enjoy the beauitful game.. I don't care if the women aren't very good we need some equality here.. Football isn't just a guys sports

  16. That's cool. I am not entirely sure how they would rate teams and players. Would it be to mirror men's teams, so the best women's team would play and feel like Barca for example? Because otherwise, all women's teams would just feel like 2-3.5 star men's teams, and I cannot see a big appeal of this.

  17. They want more buyers. Not a bad idea considering the USWNT just won the world cup. Our Mens team is shit on top of more shit though.

  18. I think I'm going to buy this game and I think I will have little play to my sister play and I don't what you guys problem is just don't play As girl you crack munchies who are saying bad a about this before it comes out and if like it then have your little sister or old sister or like me play it just to play as girl.

  19. Okay… so we all know you can be a manager of a club AND a national team in Career Mode. My question is; Can I manage a club and be a manager of a WOMAN'S national team? I'd be absolutely ecstatic if that were to be available.

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