"A Night to Remember" Launch Cinematic – The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

Feast your eyes on a gripping portrayal what The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is all about and step into the shoes of professional monster hunter Geralt of Rivia in this launch cinematic.

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  1. I think it would be cool to reuse this song in a cinematic where an old Geralt is sending off a child as a new witcher. His continued sacrifice, their choice to continue protecting the innocent.

  2. I always loved the way they really accentuated the deep dying breaths she takes as she runs away, amidst the softening music. You kinda feel sorry for her.

  3. Young Geralt would have absolutely wiped the Floor with her and if it was my lvl 90 godlike sign build geralt then it would take like 0,0000000001 sec

  4. Attention to detail is crazy. Notice how when the fight started she was able to block the sword with her left arm, then stabbed him with her left arm and after stabbing him with her left hand, getting the black blood on her, and then bitting him, he was then able to slice off her left arm.

  5. So after 7? Years of playing this game and multiple walkthroughs, I finished B&W today, and then felt like watching a few trailers. Realised this is Orianna, and now reading the comments here, my mind is blown all over again.

  6. Still playing this game in 2022 bc I went from the just the standard edition and got all the dlc digitally to upgraded to the game of year edition which is way better then trying spend half my pay check on the dlc

  7. I actually watched this video several times before i manage to finish the game. The moment when i reached the stage when I can hear the same song being sung in the game, i felt goosebumps all over me.

  8. I just revisited this amazing clip and it's still so sad for me to watch.
    I loved Orianna so much.
    When she cries a single tear, lying there in the mud, I couldn't help but shed some tears myself.

  9. I haven't watched the netflix series and am only a few days into playing this game, but if either of them don't live up to this cinematic I'll be disappointed. So far so good

  10. That look, when he finally speaks after she finished her song tho.
    Also, she breathes in to see who it is, as to vampires there is no need to look with the eye.

  11. Cant & shouldnt be Orianna!

    We know that she wasnt controlled by Dettlaf who had sway over lesser vampires & hence she wasnt a Bruxa!

    Knew alot about the Unseen Elder too!

    As a Higher Vampire she can only be truely killed by another Higher Vampire!

    Just doesnt make sense & she wasnt remotely evil, Vinter Geralt has better things to do!

  12. I feel bad for CD Project Red, what happened with cyberpunk, they went down the wrong path.

    Started playing witcher 3 in 2022, it blown me away, the care that was put into every single quest, the story, wow. Its my favorite videogame of all time.

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