Unveiling the Gameplay of The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt (Part 3 of 3)

The world of The Witcher is huge, but what is there to do? In the final part of our series, we explore the wild variety of quests and activities in Wild Hunt. It’s level-based quest system, branching story-lines and hilariously deep card-collecting game.

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  1. All I want is some acknowledgement that I had the kingslayer's armour and that I can have it again because Geralt wouldn't throw that away

  2. I seem to remember reading from one of the interviews stating that the Witcher 3 has like 36 different ending, can't seem to find where I read it from though. Amazing if it's true!

  3. 8-10 story quests? for the love of god PLEASE dont tell me they are pull another dragon age inquisition on us…it doesnt sound like its quite the same but still i am extremely weary after dragon age…

  4. Well done Danny and everyone at Gamespot who had a hand in this. fantastic content, keep up the good work.

  5. Anyone else have trouble paying attention to what was being said since you were so focused on watching the gameplay?

  6. WTF!!! This game is going to suck so bad! Look at this piece of crap! It looks completely identical to part 2 of the game just bigger! SMFH… I hate I chose the Xbox one,I spent five hundred dollars day one. Microsoft and Sony promised a new and better gaming experience for the next generation gaming consoles, and all we have been getting is crap! The only game I really play is Warframe and that's because it's free and I refuse to pay 60 dollars pulse an additional 40 bucks for dlc. Every one who has brought a next gen gaming consoles is getting butt fucked with no lube and left butt hurt.

  7. Game looked really impressive until 4:21. Most unconvincing looking foliage I've ever seen, not to mention stiff and un-lifelike character animation. Must have been from a very early engine build, since most of the other scenes easily straddled the uncanny valley.

  8. I just uploaded a second video to my gaming channel! There should be two videos there now! Please let me know what you think by watching and subscribing if you like what you see! Or leave comments on how I did! Thank you RayGames

  9. I love how this documentary switches between the game world of the witcher and the actual look of the countryside of Poland:) really shows where they got their inspiration from

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