Skyforge – Ascension Cinematic Trailer

Check out this cinematic for Skyforge.

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  1. I played the Russian open beta (made by Allods Team who made Allods online), its cheap and boring, don't even bother.

  2. holy fuck, the comment section is filled with dumbasses, It's a cinematic "CINEMATIC", like cinematic trailers from wow, not real gameplay footage. BY ASCENSION, they depict the path of the immortal(gaining followers, faith = those burning wisp thingies, destroying the invaders, unlocking other classes) until godhood, what's so goddamn hard to understand ffs

  3. If someone shows first a Render Trailer they dont stand behind there game if they Show first a gameplay Trailer they realy work on there Project

  4. Why so many people sound like it's the first time they've heard about this game? This thing was announced like a year ago and they've released multiple gameplay trailers, screenshots and lots of information about the game. IMO, there is nothing to whine about if this single trailer doesn't show any gameplay.

  5. I was quite interested until the last part. All that build up and intrigue, then what? The guy becomes a techno god and punches aliens from the sky?

  6. A thought, if this is being possibly developed by Obsidian, then they are not making the next Fallout. Its of little importance but there it is. Unless they have grew more than I thought in the last few years.

  7. We're just gonna ignore the fact that this guy just transformed himself into Raiden with the hopes and dreams of warriors' fiery spirits? Is Thanos trying to take over Earthrealm?? Where are the avengers :(. 

  8. This recent days I cant help but feel sorry for companies that have the pull to make such spectacular trailers but fail or lack the talent to actually deliver what they announce…. I might be wrong about this… but it has hints of being another colossal shameless money grabbing  failure like Destiny and/or Evolve… but I might be wrong here and us the actual gamers might just get a decent game worth playing again.!!! but that future still seems uncertain from my point of view.!!!!

  9. So, you've beaten all the other racers on these tracks… Well, now you'll see why I'm the most feared driver on the circuit. I'll earn my right to race Oxide by crushing you into brick dust. Let's race…

  10. If anyone wants to try the game, jump in right now, because Ascension update is going to ruin it bad and devs do not care about reviews even on RU side. Last month to enjoy it :c

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