New Full-HD Razer Blade Review – GameTech

GameTech’s Peter Brown checks out the New 1080p Razer Blade. Like previous iterations of the Blade, the high build quality makes up for the average performance and high cost.

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  1. Razer and Alienware's laptops are overpriced, don't buy them. You can buy a gaming Asus laptop with better specs for the same price.

  2. Razer laptops are pretty much the apple products of the gaming world. Over priced, and lack some features like upgradability and ports. But they sure do look amazing and are extremely portable and are a joy to use.

  3. "build your own pc, it's cheaper." Oh yeah, while I'm at it I'll throw in my 27 inch monitor and bring it to class with me. Should bring my studio monitors as well with me so I get the best audio possible. Bring my full sized mechanical keyboard and mouse. I'll also disassemble my desk so I have a place to put all my shit once I set it all up at the student lounge. Plus the suitcase I'm gonna need to bring all this shit with me…

  4. holly shit.  Only about 500 gb of storage space.  I already used 555gb on my Lenovo y50!!! DAMN! Nice laptop but you can't upgrade the ram or the storage unit.  Looks so nice but too expansive for the hardware.

  5. Ik people see this laptop as expensive but as a student going into university in September who's taking up Mechanical Engineering and eventually Aerospace, we will require a powerful enough laptop with specs like these to run programs like AutoCad, Solid Works and other 3D editing software which demands allot of horsepower…so this is a good investment in the case of a university student.not to mention it has a slick form factor comparable to a macbook pro 13" or 15" not bad…however I completely understand the gamer audience who are right about building a pc with better specs for cheaper…..but there are products for different audiences

  6. with tech there's no way around it. if you want the best you gotta pay for it. i have razer peripherals and out of the bunch they are the best and the most long lasting. i have a powerful desktop but the thing is as a gamer you always have the urge to game if you're traveling, and this laptop is definitely compelling. Down the line, this thing can easily last for 3-4 years.


    I own a RazerBlade QHD+ 14 and could not deal with the ping when playing League. This is the USB 3.0 to Ethernet I purchased and it works 100%. Also, prepare for the computer to run hot, as expected. Running these games he benchmarked will absolutely heat your computer up. I played Final Fantasy 14 on ultra and it overheated at 1080P (1920×1080 resolution). My specs are:
    i7 Quad-Core
    870m GeForce
    8GB RAM
    256GB SSD

  8. Are there any FL Studio users here? I see all the Razer Music videos and I was wondering if this would be a better option than a Macbook Pro, especially because FL is a windows program. (yes I know I could get bootcamp for a mac, but I don't want to)

  9. How hot does it get during normal use and light gaming. Also how loud does it get under such conditions?

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