Mad Max – Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Get a first look at the gameplay of wasteland adventure Mad Max, from customising your car to beating up brutes.

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  1. Do people get on the internet JUST to hate? Seriously, these comments are CRAZY!!! This game looks simply amazing, and I can't wait for it to release! After watching this vid, I'm like super anxious to get my hands on it! The September release date is hurting me lol.

  2. This game will probably be rushed through production fast as hell before the Mad Max hype dies down. Personally I thought the movie was overrated, not bad, just not a cinematic masterpiece of action that many claim it is.

  3. If there is not a option to disable the camera shakes that seems to appears at every blow you land and every car you crash, I won't probably buy the game

  4. I literally just watched this trailer, and the only thought that came to my mind was "What is the damn story to this?" Shit I've seen Viva Pinata have a better story line that was straight up than this. This game literally makes it seem like your car is the most important part of the game, and then switches to the main character. Absolutely stupid. If they're trying to pull new people into this game, they did an awful job, this game looks horrible.

  5. Why does everyone gotta screw with max he is just minding his own business and somebody’s got a steal his car kidnap him just to get 12 gauge to the face

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