Killing Floor 2: Early Access Launch Trailer

Check out the Killing Floor 2 now on Steam Early Access.

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  1. Looks good. I think I'll wait until the full game comes out or when I get a better computer. A little disappointed that it seems like it doesn't include the DLC from the first game but maybe that might change in the finished game.

  2. I haven't been able to stop playing this since it released, every free chance i get I'm jumping on this, they did a great job so far very happy with it loved the first as well.

  3. Yes its fun, but playing the game in the same way like the first one is just making it tedious. They just updated the graphics, weapons, graphics, the zeds, and the graphics. Playing the same way of exterminating number of zeds per wave is well, FUN! i gotta admit that. What i really mean is that they add maybe a single player, where you get to know how the shit goes down. Or maybe a zed vs. human mode, you get to be the zed if you want to, some shit like that, and maybe objective modes where you and your squad is given a set of objectives to complete like the first one. Shit i don't know, they really should do some shit like that, more mode for KF2 plz.

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