Guitar Hero Live – Reveal Trailer

Guitar Hero Live lets you take centre stage with a new first-person perspective that sees crowds react to your efforts.

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  1. This game is a crap in comparison to the previous installments, it does not reach the heels of the previous entragas, like guitar hero 3 or guitar hero worl tour among others more like 5, warrios of rock etc. Because they changed the game, if they wanted to keep those who had played, Well, they're not doing it.
    The new live mode if that's fine, would have combined that. That you could play any song but with the classic 5 buttons.
    Not that crap they are 3 up and 3 down, the truth is rubbish, and I hope it is a failure so that they realize and make a new guitar hero but with the classic game mode.

  2. It sucks that there's a shitty Guitar Hero, a Rock Band game yet there's no fucking DJ Hero 3. That'll bring the music game industry to a whole new level.

  3. I'm 3 years late but I want this game. It looks fcking epic. I rem a long time ago I used to play guitar hero on my old console and at the arcade and was a fcking beast at it LOL. My friends would get jealous because they sucked. Now I want this new version.

  4. Guitar hero going to PS5 with 2 guitar controls with American Hi Fi flavor of the Week Simple Plan Vacation There for tomorrow a little faster green day fire reday aim 3 Doors down loser fall out boy dance dance blink 182 up all night Super deluxe all I wanted a skateboard foo fighters my hero good Charlotte grils and boys boys like girls love drunk

  5. Let this comment be an unofficial poll:

    5 years ago, it was undeniable that this trailer (let alone the entire concept of playing Guitar Hero in front of a “live” stadium crowd that responds in relatively real time to how you’re doing) was INCREDIBLY HYPE.

    5 years later, do you think this game/concept has stood the test of time?

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