Charles Dance (aka Tywin Lannister) in The Witcher 3 – Official Behind the Scenes Trailer

Tywin Lannister from Game of Thrones, actor Charles Dance takes on the role of Emperor Emhyr var Emreis, leader of the Empire of Nilfgaard in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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  1. I just started watching GoT's a couple weeks back an I really loved Tywin Lannister as a character. A leader with a stern face and strong voice always appealed to me an he reminded me of Emperor Emhyr which to my surprise, is played by the one and same actor. That's talent right there, I loved these two characters from these two different mediums that's played by the same actor that I had no idea of.

  2. Ahh, Charles Dance… Literally every word that comes out of his mouth sounds epic. Even words like "video game".

  3. Idk why but I would rlly like to see geralt talk to tywin in game of thrones ^^
    Random thought: i wonder what the voice of max payne does. Would rlly like him to hear in the witchet

  4. Can anyone tell me if the scene at 0.58 with Emhyr on Temerias throne is only in this Charles Dance trailer? I dont remember it from my playthroughs, but its his representation in the franchise book.

  5. "the most powerful, he doesnt throw his weight around he doesnt need to, hes a man of few words, hes ruthless cause he has to be"

    wow we havent seen charles dance play a character like that before

  6. Charles dance is so fucking cool and his voice is amazing. Every word commands respect and strikes fear. Amazing performance.

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