Batman: Arkham Knight – "All Who Follow You" Trailer

Batman: Arkham Knight see the world’s greatest detective take on a new foe with a little help from Robin, Nightwing, and Catwoman.

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  1. Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh


    She looks great her fighting looks awesome so she is pretty much confirmed right like if u agree

  2. rocksteady takes there time and puts out quality stuff. they stay true to the material. They should put out a spiderman game, the spiderman franchise needs a quality developer.

  3. This design of Batman suit and especially the mask are amazing !! even better than the next movie ! however I'm not sure about the voice !

  4. Did anybody notice in this trailer that u see Alfred in the batcave looking up at one of Batmans suits but yet the batcave is not actually in the game??

  5. if only we had that music, no blue light, the darkness of these trailers, harder combat, BOSS FIGHTS, criminals working together instead of repetitive side missions, a new villain. scarecrow did IMMACULANT and so did the rest of the voice actors but screw whoever mad you know who arkham knight and who did all the sound effects and made the decisions on all that bullshit I just spoke of

  6. I never forgot Azrael's words from Arkham City and when I saw this trailer I was thinking "holy shit Gotham IS burning" then when he showed up and started talking I was like "OH MY FUCJSJEELENEKNRKENRKDDBRKRBRKRROBRJRNDNNR"

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