Alternate Character Skins – Mortal Kombat X

Check out extra character skins that are currently available in Mortal Kombat X, including the Samurai Pack and Blue Steel Sub Zero.

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  1. Missing costumes:
    Hotshot Johnny cage
    Mileena khanum
    Revenant Kitana
    Revenant Jax
    Revenant Liu kang
    Dark emperor Liu kang (if I spelled this wrong)
    Revenant Kung Lao
    Mobile rewards skin:
    Ninja mime Johnny cage
    Farmer Jax
    Klassic Kitana
    NOTE:I know that I missed Undercover Cassie and Cybernetic Jacqueline (Jacquie)but they weren't release at this month
    Injustice Scorpion.
    DLC Costumes:
    Gold Scorpion

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