Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries – Launch Trailer

Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries is now available on Steam for PC.

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  1. XD First Alice fights her way through Wonderland, and now the Little Red Riding Hood has an axe! Geez, I wonder who's going to get an "upgrade" next! 

    ….Maybe Snow White…..

  2. This game is not bad, I love the visuals but the copywriting of red riding hood's thoughts are quite cheesy most of the time. It would be better if they are not purposely written to rhyme etc.

  3. I know many people have said it already, but the art style is heavily reminiscent of Alice: Madness Returns. Either it was the same graphics designers, or they purposely ripped off the art style. Madness Returns had much smoother graphics, though. The game would be far more interesting with werewolves.

  4. I didn't quite get the ending.
    Spoiler, duh:

    We learned that Red Hood's mother was kidnapped, like many other women in town. We got a glance into the underground "prison" where the women were being kept. Clearly Woolfe was responsible for this. And we know that Red Hood's mother managed to escape and return back to her lover. Then they had a child whom they wanted to keep away from the city. Eventually the mother died and the husband had to work for Woolfe, who later killed him as well.

    These made me question "Is Red Hood the daughter of Woolfe?". I mean, a rich man kidnaps only women. The chances of something intimate happening there are pretty high. And Red Hood's mother was the only one who managed to escape. Or was released. Maybe because she was the only one who managed to get pregnant from Woolfe? Then the mother simply withheld this information from her lover and they raised the child as parents, or she told him everything and he still wanted to be a father to the child. And this would also explain Woolfe's interest in Red Hood. Maybe even create an inner struggle in Red Hood, as he battles with her inner self in a sequel. I was totally expecting this to be revealed in the end.

    The fact that the game refused to use any of these ideas was very strange. They didn't even let it hang in the air as an unanswered question, they flat out disproved it.

  5. It's sad it could have been great it had the potential to be great. It is reminiscent of Alice yes but lets be fair here Grin obviously wanted to clone Alice and make it big/money however apparently they didn't play or pay nearly enough attention to Alice games or this wouldn't have been so bad and wouldn't have made Grin go bankrupt. Even a exact copy of Alice but as Red Riding Hood would have saved the company from bankruptcy. Too be honest it felt like they just watched the Madness Returns gameplay trailer took the notes of the "fantasy music" art style and thought hey we can do this. This trailer makes it look better than it is.

  6. So… did anyone actually get the physical boxed edition of this game? A friend and I have been searching up and down for a copy, but there doesnt seem to be anything on any site, like Ebay, Amazon, any of those sites that sell limited run games… even looked on a bunch of overseas resellers and asked different collectors, and nobody seems to have a copy…

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