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At a glance, Cities: Skylines looks like a SimCity clone, but it’s so much more than that. Here’s the reasons why Skylines should earn your attention.

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  1. Does anyone really think competition will appear for the Sims life simulator. Though there are mixed reviews, many (ex-)players feel they screwed up the series starting after the second title. I ask because Paradox has gotten fans talking, saying that if done right, EA's life simulation games/the Sims could be "overthrown".

  2. YOU wanted, the game is nowhere near SC4 as a management game. It has at most 2000/3000 depth. It is a cool builder but not at all a replacement to a SC4 successor

  3. I wanted to play Cities:Skylines on my pc, but the system requirements didnt met mine.

    But what i totally lobe about this game is that it somehow imitates real life. For example, death wave, transportation, and education. Simcity 2013 is somehow okay to me….at least. Even though the SC2013 has better graphics than C:S, it has a smaller map compared to Cities Skylines.

    Playing Cities Skylines is like building a City in real life. I dont know why, but, since i can't play it on my PC, i'm stuck on SC2013. However, im planning my city earlier. I have 4 bond papers wth city plans in it.

  4. I prefer cities skylines
    1 it's almost always challenging for example traffic and deathcare
    2 it has alot of potential
    3 huge map to build in
    4 roads_

  5. Notice you didn't talk about skylines flaws bugs like pop loss at 100k because of memory leaks and CPU maxed out having to drop population to save memory. Moreover, industry extractors driving to other side of map to deliver to its own processors when there was one right next to it. These stupid pathways are the same as why funeral directors drive on other sides of map garbage trucks etc etc creating unnecessary vehicles population and hence further problems for memory leaks Knowing skylines have memory leaks why don't they do what Simcity does and have the people work close by to workplaces instead of going on other side of map too. Skylines have so many flaws bugs and stupid broken game logic that I'm now thinking of trashing my skylines and new amusement parks they ripped opff from sim city in favor of buying simcity and all its pakages for now $30.

  6. Rubbish you need to fix your extractor trucks delivering to its local processors first before they travel to the other side of the map to give to a remote processor.

  7. The only thing bad with Skylines is that all traffic only applies to one lane so the cue is really damn long. In almost everything else, Skylines is a really excellent game that brought me back to the gaming world again. In some cases, it even bested SimCity 4 particularly on earning from taxes. I set everything at 10% tax rate and the services at a decent 50% funding and my city manages to earn tens of thousands of cash unlike in SimCity 4 that you should put services to near max to run properly and then… EA Games. Lose Everything

  8. The only thing the I don't like about C:S is the por optimization. It doesn't uses the GPU but only the CPU making the game lag even if you if you have a great GPU

  9. It is nice at the beggining but after some hours Cities skylines is a very broing game, with no depth, just zoning and trying to decorate the city … Simcity has small maps, thats true, but I loved the modular building, the production chain, the specialization, the interaction with other cities, and it looked stunning, no too dark at night, just beatiful.

  10. Another crappy « « « journalists » » » who are not even players. Simcity and CS are really different, in fact SC4 is a lot deeper than CS but you probably do not know because your herd call games like Anno « management » games

    Yes Simcity 5 was broken but CS is not satisfactory at all for true SC4 fans who played it for what it was vanilla


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