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Alexa Ray Corriea goes over the tumultuous history of The Last Guardian and everything we know so far.

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  1. I've heard about this game for a while and ever since I saw the trailer, I've been holding out on this game for it's release. It's ridiculous for it to be getting so much push back like this. What the hell Is wrong with them? It's been 6 years and I was in Middle school when they first brought it to the public. I feel like Sony themselves are being dicks to the developers and are giving them a shit ton of pressure so that they do what THEY want and not what the team wanted. Delays like this don't come likely and the only transitional phase I can understand is the move to ps4. But that is still years of development until the next stage, and we're now 2 years into the next generation. If they don't even show a teaser at e3 this year, I'm betting that it's not going to happen at all. It's the complete absence of the game itself that is irritating, not necessarily the lack of news period. At the very least, we're not getting silence over the question of the game's existence, so I know at the very least their is some push to bring this game back to public eyes.

  2. Eye-ko? No, It's EE-ko, like the Japanese word 行こ iko, or "Go," as in Ico is trying to Go from the castle. Wander from Shadow of the Colossus was wandering around, almost as if lost. The boy's name from The Last Guardian should shed light on the connection between all the stories.  tl;dr It's EE-ko, not Eye-ko.

  3. They better take all the time they want and make a GREAT game. Not some early released bullshit just to please people and make some extra bucks. And do not sacrifice the story and gameplay for graphics !! Cough THE ORDER 1886 Cough.

  4. I just need to think about it for a few seconds to "know" it is being redone in, most likely, the worst of ways. Maybe it will just be finished to grab some easy money, maybe it will be full of DLC's, MAYBE it will have bunch of pre-order crap (If you dont pre-order you wont be able to play half of the game) so on, so on… when they hold a project like this for so long and still release it, its only bad news.

  5. I say screw this Last Guardian. I say upgrade the entire Shadow of the Colossus game into a bigger world. Incorporate the existing 24/48 colossi designs, expand the map with the existing concept art, Turn it into one giant treasure chest full of upgradable weapons and armor and enchantments and perhaps the inclusion of interactive players or non players into the world just so it doesnt seem like such a beautiful desolate wasteland. Surely thats more doable than building an entirely new game from the ground up.

  6. I am just going to wait patiently… I will get hyped when the game is re annaunced eventually… I don't expect the greatest game ever just becouse it took this long. But it will be glorious when we see more of this game. Until then, I have other games I can enjoy.

  7. People, just let it go it's never coming out. Team Ico can't make games clearly if it takes them THIS long with no progress.

  8. I still cry over this game.
    I was SOOO PUMPED When I heard it announced and I had never been so excited for a game as a diehard team ICO fangirl ._.
    Every time I hear news on this game I get excited… then cry. I'll never forget one of the PS4 articles that ran in gameinformer included an image of TLG and I got so excited… only to be let down.
    I'd heard that they were "Waiting for the right time" to re-announce the game.
    But imo… if they wait too long? It won't be that impressive anymore… :c

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