Ori and the Blind Forest – Review

Ori and the Blind Forest is a rapturous platformer that is as fun as it is beautiful.

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  1. Ori's pronouns are she/her/hers. That's what I adored since little lively characters such as Ori are almost always assumed to be boys.

  2. Van Ord actually got this one spot on. Brilliant, amazing game, 100%'ed it when it launched and having a second run thru now, and despite games like MGSV and Bloodborne launching I still consider this up there as one of the years best. (and Thank God it came to PC or I wouldn't have gotten to experience it.)

  3. This is a Great game to show anyone who thinks the UNITY Engine can only make hideous crappy games!
    (just because it's been infamously used by several mindbogglingly talentless "indie Devs" (a moniker that itself gives them faaar too much credit!)
    – This is exact same Engine; just plus Dev coding Talent / dedicated artistic vision.

    Such a lovely, artful, golden-hearted little title! 😀 – I do hope it gets a PS4 release, eventually…

  4. I just beat this game today. AND I AM JUST BLOWN AWAY BY HOW AMAZING THIS GAME IS. This is one of the best looking games I've seen in my life, the play was simple yet fun and challenging. The games beginning and ending were fantastic and sad. I am so glad I got this game. Ori and the Blind Forest is tied with Bloodborne as my favorite games of 2015

  5. yeah it's fun, but it's a frustrating game though. there's so many easy deaths and backtracking and wondering where to go and finding yourself stuck in spots. I gave up plenty of times.

  6. I honestly feel sorry for anyone who doesn't get the chance to appreciate this fantastic game.  One of the most satisfying experiences I've ever had the joy of beholding.

  7. Trial and error ruined this game. It's a shame that devs aren't able to create actual challenging gameplay and instead throw players in a lot of unfair situations where they basically HAVE to die just to find out what to do. Unbelievable how they adapted the Metroid formula with exploration and sweet power ups all over the place and still were able to fuck up so hard. Looked nice though.

  8. Ok so I already had the double jump and then I unlocked the air dash. I can't figure out how to air dash. The menu says to use the top r trigger but I had no luck.

  9. lol, the escape sequences being the best parts in the game? Fucking bullshit. They were the worst and most obnoxious. Add checkpoints and suddenly it's not obnoxious garbage.

  10. Just got game pass and this was the first game I played! Absolutely wonderful game!! I bought it immediately after the first hour, these devs deserve every penny!! Fantastic

  11. "Emotionally devastating" :)) it just shows you two characters without developing them, then kills one, without explaining why I should care about them. The story part of Ori is… nothing to write home about. It's basically the same as Child of Light and a shitload of other games. "There's trouble in Generic Fantasy World, please go save it".

    Not saying it's bad; it's just not special, unique, memorable or interesting. The gameplay is also mediocre, with some truly infuriating segments (and I don't mean the escape sequences – those are short enough not to aggravate). The visuals and the sound carry the game.

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