New Nvidia Shield – A $200 Cloud-Based Console – GameTech

We spent some time with Nvidia’s new Shield and test their claim that cloud streaming is the future of gaming.

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  1. Don't forget to mention you can access all of Google services, like Google play and YouTube, and it supports 4k video, so I can play all my favorite android games right on my TV at the highest quality possible.

  2. Risk? Maybe for invidia but this thing looks to have really good bang for the buck and if they get steam involved i'm sold. Stop thinking Nintendo start thinking amazon. It's not about the hardware anymore it's service plus the ease of upgrading.  Consoles lack that second part and now we have androids that can pump out 4k for $200 This is next gen now, really what do you think the PS and the xbox will come out with? 8k???? Consoles will change soon, it will be the service and not the hardware

  3. Holy shit, that comment section! People are so pist off by the product makes me want to buy one xD I mean its all pitchforks and witch burning down there !

  4. This is awesome, btw for those who are talking shit you can play almost all your pic games without paying for any subscription. And the subscription fee it's going to give you more games and features. Btw for all console fans including me, we already paying for ps plus and Xbox one, and this $200 console it's smaller and run games at higher resolutions that the Xbox one and ps4. So to me this is great.

  5. Most people are going to a ps4/xbox one/steambox/epxensive gaming pc. While I'm just gonna enjoy this awesome piece of technology for only 200$

  6. Wow. I predicted the PS4 slim would be the first cloud based gaming console. I didnt expect another competitor to do it first and I definately didnt expect it to come this soon. Sony has been playing with this idea for years.

  7. So how do indie devs get their game on this?

    My options are Ouya and Steam right now. Just because Nvidia can stream Steam, doesn't mean they'll pick my game. Meh, too bad.. Unless of course they allow Steam OS, but I highly doubt it.

  8. I have 100 Mbps download, 10 Mbps upload internet and I can see this working well at my place… but I already have a good gaming PC that's also plugged into my TV as a second monitor for console-like gaming. I was just playing GTA V for PC in 1440p earlier today, so I don't really see how this could be useful for me seeing as there aren't any exclusives to this console.

  9. This new console heavily defends on internet connections so expect some "lags" and other connection problems that probably can occurs. This is innovative steps by nvidia not only to cut the cost but to test thier new supercomputer game servers but for me it is better to put their own modified gtx titan instead of streaming the games over the net.

  10. this is the mark of dark age in pc

    if this thing succed,if nvidia succeed

    i bet nvidia would watch dogs pc,and favor their console

    just look now wif titan price

    pc going to be held down by nvidia

    and if amd did die,it will be bye bye

  11. get this system and then get a pc that you can keep upgrading over time. higher initial cost but games are cheaper and the leap to the NEXT generation will be a lot cheaper to just upgrade a pc than to buy a new console

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