Making Easy Money in Battlefield Hardline

Cash is the fastest way to unlock all your favorite gear and perks in Battlefield Hardline, so we’ve been hard at work finding the best method for stacking digital bills.

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  1. I wish they made a battlefield like bad company 2 again. Simple and fun.

    Great tip on ripside hotwire way to simple to get money on this

  2. or just use a objective boost on a class you're using and play for a few rounds.

    i used a 200 boost (from the BF veterans pack) and got 224k in 30 minutes

  3. I think blood money is a good way to rack up dough too . You run steal the money don't worry about depositing. When you're fully loaded
    Then go after the other teams cash

    While your collecting cash you get a cut of all of the cash you take.. so go get a couple of kills til till they take you out and rinse and repeat

  4. Go in a low populated server(5-6 people) then get a boost and watch the money rise!

    I got 80k in 1 game with a 200% boost

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