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Mad Max Game Informer Coverage Trailer

Get a glimpse at the full month of exclusive coverage for Mad Max from the creators of Just Cause Avalanche Studios that can be found at

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  1. Finally some information about this game, I was hoping for a new gameplay, but oh well, at least we know the realease date now 🙂 Hopefully it won't be delayed 🙂

  2. Some are guys comparing this to Rage and Fallout… Yea, Mad Max first came out in 1979 and pretty much made the post-apocalyptic genre what it is today. Also looking forward to the new Fury Road movie, I just hope people don't think this game is a movie tie in, because it isnt and will be much better than the crappy tie-ins we see nowadays.

  3. this game has nothing to do with the films
      its more like your mad max 
    mad max- ing your way  the way you want to play it

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