Jaws of Hakkon Trailer – Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition – Jaws of Hakkon is available now on Xbox One and PC.

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  1. Yawn. You know what this DLC is? The Cult of Andraste with Glowsticks. A bunch of mad cultists worshiping a dragon, led by a man shouting down to the "lowlanders".I really loved Inquisition, but this is such an unoriginal idea, and looks vanilla as fuck. When I think of expansion for this game, it's more than a new area with a generic dragon to kill, it's actual cutscenes for every quest and not a bunch of fetch quests like an MMO.

  2. 120 hours into the main game, doing everything, checking behind every corner because of OCD. And then I just stoped playing, to mutch content whitout essence or phasing. Gonna give it another go and finish it, I hope.

  3. So if you're so sure that Dragon Age: Origins and Skyrim are the best then quit buying games all together. Just play those two for the rest of your unhappy, bitchy existence and quit bothering the rest of us. No game is ever going to be perfect. As for the DLC, don't buy it if you don't want to invest more money into it. Simple. I'm tired of the whiners who just can't move on or solve easy problems.

  4. Dragon age inquisition was dissapointing compared to Origins. It should have been like WITCHER 3
    The only thing that saved this game was Dragons , the story acting was lack luster

  5. DUDE!! RAD DLC!! The entire time when I was playing it I was so fucking high and wasted that I couldn't remember much and the entire thing was just fucking out standing. Download the DLC! I highly recommend it. 10/10! 11/10 when you're high!! ^_^!!!!!

  6. This game gets pretty boring with all the side quests. I'll 100% a location for one day and be drained of my happiness, then the next day I'll do one of the main quests and be happy with refreshing content. But I barely remember origins and 2 now, so I'll have to replay and complete ALL DLC. Hopefully, I can push through a whole trilogy's month of gameplay? And I can romance Leliana or Morrigan again? Or Isabela!

  7. I really loved this DLC, some parts of it were really hard but the over all DLC was great for me. I can not wait to see what other kind of DLC they come up with. I hope they let us return to areas like Denirum, Ozzamar, Ostar (to learn something about your Grey Warden?) or how about a DLC on where our Grey Warden actually went? I would also love to go back to Kirkwall and have some kind of missions with Varric and Hawke as team mates through out it. Eventhough im still pissed that Hawke in my Inquisition was male even though in DA2 my Hawke was female.

  8. Well i suppose for every lair of the shadow broker they have to have an operation firewalker. For every Awakening they have to have a golems of amgarrak. For every interesting dlc they have to have a boring one.

  9. Sigh… I wish i could enjoy this franchise like many others do, i tried DA1+2 several times but never finished a playthrough, the lore just never really sucked me in like other story-heavy games such as MassEffect or Witcher. Guess it is just not something for me.

  10. I am a little sad that this is the only dlc I will be able to get on xbox 360 because EA decided to stop supporting the system with the next 2 Decent and Trespasser

  11. Colonial exploitation: such a lover lee situation ! Dig it all degradation, ignore the native population, unless they rise in indignation, then call an Inquisitor, and truly begin the slaughter, levelling up their society, that is the way that it must be, forcolonial exploitation, what a heroic situation, with some archaeology, a native enjoyment was never so free.

  12. What is the song that plays in the beginning of this trailer ?
    I love it! I just cant find out what song it is!

  13. I still return to this trailer every so often. Not because the DLC itself was anything special, certainly it's worse than Trespasser. But it's just so damn hype-inducing, without having to draw upon sentiment for the main campaign or previous games. I think it's the song most of all. But the bits of voice over are also very well chosen.

  14. The game gets very difficult on Descent and Jaws of Hakkon. I am currently on Level 24 and using best Armor and weapons on Hard and still get my ass whooped. Any tips on clearing these DLC's? I wonder how people are still playing it on Nightmare.

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