How Final Fantasy XV Combat Works

We give you the lowdown on Final Fantasy XV’s new real-time combat system, and how it compares to other games in the series.

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  1. My gullet rims at the thought of what the remake of FF7 is going to be like.
    I haven't seen anything but screen shots of it because I'm afraid of what I might see…

  2. So you know how when you tell a party member to use an item in combat, and there's a short animation of them doing it? Is there a way to turn off that animation? it's just really annoying when your fighting 20 enemies at once.

  3. Thanks for clearing up how the combat system works. I've been on the fence since I've grown used to having full control of my character. I haven't played a turn based game in a while and all the video I'd seen of it (and reviews being murky) didn't give a definitive answer. So it's not quite Dragon's Age frustrating, where you're stuck in this weird turn based/active hybrid where you kinda/sorta have control. You very much can block and have full contol of your character yet still not devolving into a straight up button mash. That works for me.

    How does magic and summonings work tho'?

  4. Even two years ago it was the best game out there 🙂 I especially like that the camera is not stupidly always 100% glued to the back of the protagonist like it was some GoPro stick mounted on the shoulderblade, but the camera is showing Noctis from sidewards and sometimes his front too, the protagonist is fighting the monsters from all sides while the camera can be turned around freely during the intense sword fights to enjoy the intense combat and perfectly animated motion captured cinematic sword moves even more!

  5. i love Phantasy star online it will allways be the best 🙂 aim at what you want to hit not hold like 3 buttons to activate things 😉

  6. I got disapointed with this XV, too much loadings,with alot videos too…we kinda play 5minutes and wait 10minutes just on loadings and videos…
    the fighting style,i didnt like it too,i prefer 10x more the final fantasy X style or even the Xlll
    graphics like always are awesome,the story could be better. i hope the next final fantasy to be much better than this one.

  7. Turn based combat sucks. Why? Because the entire point of a fantasy RPG is to allow the player to be immersed. Turn based combat is an immersion breaker, its so 1998 and it fucking sucks. thank you FF devs for evolving.

    PS. Im 39 and have been playing FF for over 30 years.

  8. I know this is all about your personal preference but it wasn't until now that Final Fantasy has ditched the turn based system that I'm actually interested in getting it.

    I love third person slashers like Dark Souls, Revengance and Nier. And I see why the original audience hated this decision because the slasher gameplay is the total opposite of the turn based system, it's gone from calculating to engaging chaos. And I love that.

  9. the combat doesnt work its the worst combat in a final fantasy game kindom harts 2 a 15 year old game destroys this game in every way when it comes to the combat

  10. The combat system looks good and all but
    If u fight against bosses u basically gon lose ur whole lp bar if u try to attack
    Cause the bosses dont flinch or nothing the just eat right trougj ur attack
    And u cant even evade their attack cause most of them are area of effeckt attacks shit is really anoying

  11. i'll finally get this game. looks like a really huge open world. attacking (swiping your sword) looks a bit slow but damn its dynamic, real time and i like it. looks close to kingdom hearts which has the best combat system from all "final fantasy like" games. imo.

  12. If this game had chocos instead of a car and the classic trun-based combat, I'd have played it. I play JRPGs to relax not button mash.

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