Ghost Rider vs. Titan Weapon – Top 5 Skyrim Mods of the Week

Cam and Seb take Kevin VanNord on the Moon and Star quest to battle the giant Titan weapon. With his new power to transform into the flaming Ghost Rider, who will he side with on this adventure?

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  1. 12:22 "He has a silver tongue" and the two of you still believed this after seeing the character's name in bold.

    Simply, Gullible

    Gaming journalism isn't defined (or it shouldn't be) by setting up fancy gaming systems/"rigs", playing the shiniest, new game on the market and giving your own little commentary on them. Part of gaming journalism is respecting the lore and the progress gaming has accomplished. 
    The main attraction for this mod was that it respected the lore of a previous game and  gave fans of the series a much appreciated, imaginative cameo. (of which seemed to have been ignorantly disregarded in this video)

  2. Wow their utter lack of knowledge of the story in Morrowind is just so wonderful, its like zero genuine acknowledgement to anything XD

  3. I personally think the mod is a fun idea. You get to see a main character again and like with a lot of TES quests you have the choice to kill him or not. It doesn't matter. He's no longer the main character anymore. You can't say it breaks lore either because he could have done ANYTHING since Morrowind. Its meant to be entertaining anyway. Plus its a mod so if you don't like it then simply don't play it?

  4. Am I the only person that plays skyrim and doesn't care about using an EMB or any kind of visual mod?

    Fun game-play > Graphics 
    In my opinion.

    Also i love how you guys actually fully explain the specks of your PC to many people that game on PC just expect people to automatically know and and understand everything about computers and installing mods.

  5. I love how many people are saying things like "I cant beleive they've never played Morrowind" and "you aren't a real Elder Scrolls fan until you played Morrowind" even though probably at least half of them havent played Morrowind. Also I disagree with the second quote. I have only played Skyrim and I know more about Elder Scrolls lore than most people.

  6. The titan weapon is called The brass god Or The brass tower Its powered by the heart that heart is from a daedric prince that was banished and killed.

  7. they killed the nereverine? holy shit he must be immortal! cause the nereverine ascended to god hood after the events of tes 3. best game ever by the way

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