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Exploring Mad Max's Deadly Open World

The game director of Mad Max Frank Rooke and the game’s lead artist Daniel Persson talk about the setting of the game and the challenges it will hold for players.

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  1. Please make sure you let people build they own homes and bases and recruit NPC's and assign duties to them like guard this point and patrol and stuff.

  2. It has been almost two years that we have known about this game and we still have yet to see a straight-up gameplay trailer. Stop with this bullshit. I want to be excited for this game, but I can't when I don't know shit about it. Stop holding out and show the fucking gameplay already. If you were really that early in development when you showed the e3 2013 trailer, then you shouldn't have announced it that early PERIOD.

  3. I hope Max can parkour, i see alot of climbable environment. Saw the gameplay, the enemy is waiting for his friend to get kill then he attack.

  4. Twisted Metal, Fallout NV and GTA combined with one of my favourite movie trilogies? I don't even have a modern console yet but I'm sold!

  5. Does anyone know what he means by "Gated".

    Does he mean it in the GTA sense of unlocking more of the Map through Progression?

    Or, does he mean it in the Bioshock sense of having seperate, closed areas that you get to through a loading screen?

  6. My friends & I have wanted a game like this since Vigilante 8 on the PS1, I hope they can deliver the experience we all want because like Alien colonial marines this is going to be a one shot deal.

  7. i hope everything is really organic, Not just Ok took down this convoy leaving this city they will never do it again; i want to be able to replay the game and attack convoys over and over ; those cities will run out of supplies if they dont launch multiple convoys

  8. Any one else notice when he says "when you take 2 or 3 hrs to sit down with a game and" the subtitles say "when you take 2 or 3 hrs to sit down with a gay man" lol I shit you not

  9. Only thing I am iffy about is the "balloons" view thingy. A lot of games have been using that tires trope and it DOES feel tired. Climb a high point and see your surroundings, yada yada yada. I'm absolutely excited for this game, but I really am hoping they bring fresh ideas to the open world genre while keeping it over the top a-la-Just-Cause.

  10. Even though the wasteland has little to no people, It feels alive and moody.
    Just watching the horizon during different times of day, stops my momentum and take it all in.

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