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Designing Mad Max's New Gameplay

Game director Frank Rooke and senior producer John Fuller talk about the process of designing the Mad Max franchise into its first open-world game from Avalanche Studios.

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  1. ALOT of the gameplay i've seen is max outside the car and although thiers a possibiltiy for fun thier i dont like how much ive been seing when thye could make a vehical combat game thaat would be AMAZING. i think,

  2. I don't care for a storyline at all, its a wasteland of chaos and psychopaths in a dystopian future, sweet. Now all I want is extremely dynamic and detailed vehicle customization and character customization so I myself can become enthralled within the wasteland itself. Id also love to be able to establish control over different regions of the map, and recruit other NPC wastelanders into clans, establishing gimmicks and stylizations for my clan, and of course an online platform where friends can too assist within the hierarchy and be forced to survive against both NPC wasteland clans, as well as player-led ones.

  3. "Looks like people are ready for another Twisted Metal game", YOU'RE FUCKIN' RIGHT!!!!! I love Twisted Metal. Felt like Mad Max the movie was the Twisted MEtal movie I never got.

  4. Am a mad max fan and this look boring.hopefully the car battles are good and they let you jump from car to car fighting or something.i just don't see this game pulling all of that stuff they do on the movies sorry

  5. Nicely played bro. Mad max game is truly fun, particularly its side missions like various camps and top dog 🙂 i recently started playing it myself, yet to handle so much parts of map

  6. I've recently bought this game and I am really enjoying the open world of this game. I am almost in love with the vast wasteland of this game. It gives me a sense of openness which none of the game previously gave.
    Surely game has several flaws and bugs, but I am loving this game in its entirety. I am loving it for what it is.

    I am having more fun than GTA 5 here (no exaggeration). I think the cops are hell bent in GTA 5 which totally took out for me.

  7. Even though the developers said that the game doesn't connect with a past. I like to think it does.

    I think it is incredible to believe that the game connects from "Beyond Thunder Dome" to "Fury Road". Though it doesn't explain how he has the Intercepter, I've always pictured Max's Intercepter to be with him in spirit as the Road Warrior's character. At the beginning of the game he bares the most resemblance to the classic Mad Max with Mel Gibson. Towards the end of the game he has a long beard, long hair, a more rugged outfit and his Intercepter which fills in the character development between "Thunder Dome" and "Fury Road".

    There is also the fact that Scrotis is Immortian Joe's son which would explain in more depth why Joe's War Boys were pursuing Max at the beginning of "Fury Road"; given the conclusion of the game.

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