Bloodborne – Review

Bloodborne took Kevin less time to complete than Dark Souls II, yet he treasures it more.

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  1. Masterpiece of a game. The more I play it, the more I appreciate how great it is, I mean it's already 2017 and I'm still playing Bloodborne which I can't say for all the other games I bought in 2015, 2016, and even 2017.

  2. One of my favorite games of all time. Playing through it again for the 10th time right now. I always go back to this game at least once a year. God i pray they make a bloodborne 2 please make it

  3. Why isn't it a 10? It doesn't have to be, but the only negative he mentioned were the Chalice Dungeons, but dude for those you should say, "Thank you for the free bonus content" they are totally optional and if you ignore them you miss nothing, but if you love the game play they're a fantastic bonus.

  4. I'm looking into buying either this, Dark Souls 3 or Nioh. Which one is the best out of the three ? I did not really enjoy Dark Souls 1 as it was too slow. I was a huge fan of Ninja Gaiden 2 and the Onimusha games, though and while not liking Dark Souls I thoroughly enjoyed Demon's Souls on ps3. From what I've heard and seen it seems this one is the spiritual successor to Demon's Souls and Nioh is more akin to Onimusha. Is that correct ?

  5. Idk, i bought this game but this game doesnt seem satisfying at all! I have to "study" each enemy before i can kill it ? i want to enjoy the game, this is pure work, NO THX

  6. I got it today for free on ps4… I cant play anythinh besides call of duty for some reason… No game .. even uncharted 4 metal geat solid 5 .. i have all of them but cant play them it gets boring so fast

  7. i feel the game is a little difficult in a bad way….if you die somewhere near the end…you have to start from the beginning of a level…this gets frustrating at times…

  8. Ok I regret buying this game. It has nothing that DS did. And NO all the dark and evil things doesnt make it "better" and its NOT SCARY! The game is soo childish and not even hard. Dark souls is harder imo. And BB level desgin is a JOKE. WHY does everyone one likes this joke so much?

  9. Superb game,i miss some bosses in my first playthrough,i like the atmosphere,this game has the best sounds of a monster or boss that i heard but i got frustrated by the long loading times and the one thing that i hate about souls games or from Software games isthe fact that you can't pause the game,i mean you have to change the sword and you're in a fight,you open the inventory and the game continues

  10. Never wanted to play this game because I saw the gameplay video and it was not impressive. . I thought combat would be like AC style where you can counter and all because I love playing games like AC, Batman Arkham, RE, GTA kind of. . last month I completed FarCry 5 and left with no new game to play. . then I downloaded and installed Bloodborne just to check if it is running or not because my PS4 is jailbroken. . . and after that rest is history. . . I am on lvl134 NG+ beaten Vicar Amelia 68hrs into the game and want to play more and more and more and more. . . . . I can't get enough of this game .. . and now this is my 2nd best game I've ever played only behind RE4. I own a PS4 since 2016 and heard a lot about this game but least interested to play this. .. I am so happy that I was wrong. . . Now I only want from life is Bloodborne II. . . FromSoftware please do it

    From now on, I will try other souls game.

  11. Idk how I feel about this game. This game stressed me out so much. You play games to have fun and relax not to stress out and rage. How is that enjoyable? Every time I defeated a boss I don’t feel a sense of achievement despite how hard it was. I was never immersed in the gameplay. I guess this is not my type of game and just played it because everyone was hyping it up. I understand how people love this game but for me personally it’s just a no.

  12. I really wish the frame rate wasn't so terrible in this game… It's really hard for me to enjoy when it's constantly at 20 or less FPS in dense areas.

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