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Bloodborne – Game Informer Live

Game Informer’s Dan Tack, Andrew Reiner, Tim Turi, and video editor Wade Wojcik paly the first six hours of Bloodborne and take questions from the community.

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  1. In my Country it is said that if you masturbate too much your Hand becomes Hairy…. That would explain the hairy Hand of the Boss.

  2. All I gotta say is YOU GO SONY!! Ya finally done me proud. People so pissed its an exclusive… its a blessing in disguise cause now everyone, including me, will have to get a PS4 and I been waiting for a good reason….

  3. You guys are straight up gamers, more so than most anyone else in media. All games excite you, yer in general just positive and enjoy playing games and the banter between you is healthy/fun banter. Over on your site, your reviews are more positive and fair, like someone who just enjoys games reviewed it than any other outlet I'm aware of. Long story short, love GI and really think you guys should have more views and followers, good bunch of 'guys'. Oh and yes, this game is exceptional (except those darn load times), well worth owning a PS4 for.

  4. I got Cleric on first try, stay directly behind best you can. Upon second visit (as a summon), I figured out a couple of times you can stagger him (gun/critical hit) to really take him down, one is just after he slams his arm down, and when he 'charges/heals'. Also, that big furry arm, make em bleed…

  5. Could Wade or somebody reupload this in individual parts? I've got a decent connection, but this is taking an unreasonable amount of time to load for me

  6. This was great. I hope you guys will continue to upload Bloodborne footage in another stream or chronicles series, maybe. Would like to see you guys tackle the "weirder" creatures/bosses Dan mentioned

  7. A lot of fun to watch, even for someone who has never played a Souls game and still has no desire to.  Just looks too punishing for me.  But really fun video.

  8. It's interesting how objective and fair Dan Tack seems. He seems comically emotionless at times, yet not an asshole. I'd like to see more streams like this with him, probably with more From Software games.

  9. Love this episode. Watched it about 5 months after you all put it up and also caused me to watch the full Dark Souls 2 run. Wasn't going to touch this series, but those vids go me sucked into it. And wow … I have died so many a ton of times in this game 😛

  10. I love sieng lp like this when there really enjoying the game you see that there not just casually phoneing it in so to say dan with this is like me with witcher3 lately we need more games like this and witcher I'm hopin some more large story based dlc keeps coming love the art style to

  11. I still watch this regularly. It's great to have in the background while I'm working or gaming some Vita. I really miss playing through this for the first time.

  12. man, this was so great, IIRC they started playing at midnight and played through the night – LOVE. Oh how i wish they did this for every big new release !

  13. I've gone back to Bloodborne after a lengthy hiatus (turns out there are a lot of games out there to play). I'd left off with Gascoigne, and having beaten him AND Blood Starved Beast now I'm really digging it. I think it helps that I took some time to level up a couple stats to make my character just a smidge less fragile. And because of enjoying Bloodborne (even though I had previously only made it to Gascoigne and died to him probably a dozen times when I left off) I also got Dark Souls 3, which is also quite enjoyable but certainly a different flavor within this "genre." I'll never stop wishing there was a proper pause button, though, because it's just convenient.
    I also recall trying out Dark Souls 2 (Scholar), perhaps because of this very stream back in the day, and I can truly say that I can't stand that game. I really have nothing good to say about it and if I hadn't tried Bloodborne first I probably would not have touched any other Soulsborne game after that. Only very recently did I find out that Scholar is a harder, crueler version of DS2, which that might account for some of my distaste of that game, but… not all of it. BB and DS3 are pretty good looking games most of the time. DS2 is not, even the second edition is kind of ugly, perhaps due to some really awful lighting and general flatness of everything on top of the "dark and colorless" style.
    But I think From has matured and gotten better at their game design. Maybe DeS and DaS had a lot of promise and laid the foundation that would become BB and DS3, I'm not entirely interested in trying them out. Shadows Die Twice, however, does pique my interest.
    Mostly, I just wanted to re-watch this to see how they did things in this run, while I take a breather from my own playing. Also, I very much miss Tim Turi being a part of GI. Not Dan T, though. Even still I find her personality unlikeable.

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