The Order: 1886 – Review

The Order: 1886 is a boring collection of game cliches that betrays its fascinating premise.

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  1. I've finished the game and i have to say "Masterpiece!" The review is low because there's no online and its short and boring? These kind of games doesn't need online/multiplier, the game is 6 hours long (Fair & not too short), I've enjoyed this game more than any other game and you can't put it down. Bad things, *can't skip the cut scenes *Needed more combat *more bosses & enemies *I feel the story is incomplete (There's a gap) i think there will be part 2. Overall, this game as good as last of us and uncharted.

  2. I just finished it and it honestly seems like this reviewer doesn't care about or pay attention to the story. The story drives this game, it's incredibly deep if you pay attention. It's filled with conspiracy and mystery. Hopefully they'll make a sequel.

  3. Right, they gave this a 5, fair enough, but they gave Evolve, a substandard game with nothing interesting, an 8. Reason being: they were clearly paid by 2K games to hype evolve and give it a good score. Gamespot is such bs now that I can't take any of their reviews seriously.

  4. Kevin Vanord is nuts this game is fantastic I for one am glad I ignored all the reviews and bought it regardless because hot damn The Order is awesome and I want a sequel like NOW lol.

  5. reviewers give
    metal gear solid 4 10/10 reviews and even say that it is Best games ever made Boring and too complicate story for new comers in the series average gameplay,cutscenes which are painfully long and fact that you can beat game in 4-5 hours or you can go online and get beaten over and over again with hardcore mgs fans that play game every Day.but this game get average reviews for reasons having 20 minute long cutscenes and fact that it lasts about 6-9 hours.

  6. Ok a ps4 exclusive which wasn't that good BUT THOSE GRAPHICS ahem anyway Xbox never had many amazing exclusive COUGH RYSE AHEEEEM

  7. the game was by far one of my favorites, amazing voice acting, beautiful gameplay, insane graphics… 7dollars on psn store right now until the 25thof you havnt played it buy it now, you will not be disappointed.

  8. I like the game, got it on eBay for Β£6. It's one if those games (with driveclub) that I put in to show people what the ps4 can do

  9. DEMON ✘ SHADOW: Honestly after watching the 5 in review i would
    DEMON ✘ SHADOW: never ever
    DEMON ✘ SHADOW: bought it
    DEMON ✘ SHADOW: tht game wasepic
    DEMON ✘ SHADOW: the story
    DEMON ✘ SHADOW: it was such Epicness in the movie
    DEMON ✘ SHADOW: the musik
    DEMON ✘ SHADOW: Love it
    DEMON ✘ SHADOW: The Order 1886 is epic

  10. It is funny to see console fanboys cry whenever there is a warranted negative review to their "exclusives". Although, the funniest thing though is whenever these fanboys lie to themselves about how awesome their "exclusives" are while calling their shitty games smart masterpieces.

  11. you guys seriously lack imagination! πŸ˜‰ its not boring, its just a little too simple, which isnt a bad thing necessarily and ends too quickly without any conclusion. its still an 8 for me for the overall idea and execution. sparked my imagination.

  12. I don’t agree that this game deserves a low score, this is a good game and i enjoyed everybit of it. How can you give the stupid CoD games 9 where all you do is push forward to trigger the next scene. I hated CoD games sold all of them and never buying those again!

  13. I have never even played this game. But after playing Red Dead Redemption 2. I can't help but wonder of every criticism of The Order. Couldn't be applied to RDR2 if the reviewer wanted to? Wondering of the only difference is 1 of the games is the media's pet project. While the other is for some reason rejected.

    Small details
    Trying to hard
    Long cut scenes
    Bad shooting mechanics.

    So what exactly is the difference between a game that gets 10 /10 game of the year and Best game ever review?

    And the game that gets the 6/10 this game is boring reviews?

    Other than a random opinion from some random imternet game reviewer?

    Either review games on some type of fact or metric. Or have some type of remote consistency to why your doing what?? IGN is literally giving 1 game a negative for the same reasons another game is getting a positive.

    So what gives IGN? Is there any type of standard? Or are your reviews just anecdotal opinions?

    And actually I love Red Dead 2. I just couldn't help but thinking as I listened to this review. Couldn't this exact review be given for Red Dead 2 of the reviewer randomly wanted to??

    I would think so.

  14. I just finished the game an hour ago. This is, by far, the most accurate review of them all – ACG, IGN, AJoe. If you plan on getting the game – watch this.


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