The Order: 1886 Leaks to YouTube in Full, Playthrough is Five Hours Long – GS News Update

One YouTuber has uploaded a complete playthrough of The Order: 1886, cutscenes and all, clocking in at around five hours.

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  1. Seems like a perfect game to put in my gamefly Q. Because I think it will be a great experience but if it is indeed that short then it's not worth buying.

  2. Im pretty sure i got through dying light story mode in under 3 hours the rest of the game is just a filler of doing same quests just in slightly different ways.. yet people dont complain lol.  I notice a lot of order 1886 trophies have collectibles so obviously the average person would not rush through a game like this.
    If people are struggling for reasons to hate on order 1886 then this can only be a good sign.

  3. I guess nobody has noticed that the guy who posted that supposed playthrough  has no vids up at this moment and his channel was started shortly before doing the order vids…. anyone who can't see that his 5 hour time is a lie must be a complete idiot. there are at least  dozen on neogaf members  posting first playthroughs of 9-14 hours. a review from gameplane out of Germany has been released and they say first run was 11 hours and scored it an 89/100. what's really sad is a site like gamespot….who wants to be taken seriously, has fallen for this crap – so much for their journalistic integrity.

    oh well – you haters had your few days of fun.

  4. So… the same length of time it took to complete CoD: Modern Warfare 2.  After that, I stopped playing those games.  I'm looking forward to 1886, but $60 is too much to ask for such a short experience.

  5. I, along with thousands/millions of others used to spend $50 on a "new" snes, nes, genesis game that could be beat in a few hours and no one seemed to mind. Example: TMNT IV: Turtles In Time – short gameplay, yet its a classic. It used to be people thought of high replay value as playing a game over just because it was fun, not just because they felt they had to just to get every trophy/achievement/ hidden item, etc. If The Order 1886 is fun, who gives a crap if it's 5 hours or 100 hours. If it's short but fun, play through it again, and tada…you got 10 hours of enjoyment, do it again and its 15 hours. Do I need to go on? I still pull out classic games and replay them, just like how I will watch certain movies over and over again. The value you get out of something is up to you and you alone. $60 for a 5 hour game…sure as long as its fun, I pay $20 for an hour and a half movie that I can't control the character with, so whoop-dee-do.

  6. I love games but i never pay 50 euros or plus that a new one cost, cant afford it.Always wait for cheap used copy or a digital disqount.A developer can ask whatever he wants no one forces you to buy a game.I was waiting for years fir gta5 but still i didnt buy on launch day, waited 3 monts and bought it for 35 euros(most mobey i ever spend in a game) on chrustmas offer.I love it i think its worth to pay 200 euros for a game like this but again i would wait.

  7. People are forgetting the fact that some games nowadays are trying to cash in on the "oh the story is as important" part of gaming. That's why ou see all of these devs trying and sometimes failing to give you a "good" "story" in 5-6 hours like Murdered Soul Suspect. That being said, if a game is running in one singular storyline, it has no reason to be longer.

    If it was a game like Skyrim, Dragon Age or Dying Light where there are sidequests and other things to do, they're going to be longer. Plenty of those 100 hour games have stories that can be completed in 5-6 hours or even less.

  8. I wish people would quit bitching about the game being 5 to 13 hours long and no multiplayer the same people bitching about this game are the same people who keep playing the same boring call of duty madden and halo because they like the same fucking thing over and over and over and over and fucking over again atleast the order is bringing something new to the table my god everybody quit bitching about the game it Hasn't even come out yet and put your big boy pants on

  9. Growing very tired of the Expect the World gamers of today. What happened to play the game and have fun. It's an experience driven by story and you get to be part of it. If it's a great 7hr game, when not beasting through it like that dude did, I'm more than happy to play it and trade it in a couple weeks. Gamers, stop whining, and buy games if you think you'll enjoy it, don't listen to hype-killing kids that just want to be negative toward anything for any reason.

  10. How I see it is, I pay $1 per hour of involving and interesting gameplay. If it's a $60 game, but damn well better provide me with 60 hours of gameplay. If it's a $15 game it better give me 15 hours of gameplay. IF this game gives me 5 hours of gameplay, it's only worth $5 to me.

  11. that is to short were getting ripped off that game should be $19.99 no more and just because you could make the game longer by playing on hard dosent mean they should have priced it at 60$ i have it pre ordered but when i go tomorrow to pick it up im not taking it im canceling it ill buy it when its $19.99 if i want to play it because 5 hours or 3 hours because of cut screens that means there might be a part 2 and maybe 5 hours or more because people are complaining but then that would be another 60$ dollars for to short games and i just dont have that kind of cash to be shitting out for short games ill rather buy my games on steam were its worth my money on games that are low priced and long game plays………  

  12. If you go into this game hoping for a great cinematic experience you will not be disappointed! Now if your looking for content, wait for bloodbourne or pick up dragon age

  13. My only negative point of the game is how it ends, with so much story to play, it ends sudenly in what should be the middle of the game!

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