Tekken 7 – Opening Cinematic

The opening cinematic for the upcoming full arcade release of Tekken 7 sees Kazumi Mishima make a special appearance.

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  1. I wonder if there's a future franchise of the game with a hachijo character on it. I am rooting to know the Kazama and Hachijo clan's history.

  2. A woman and a wife who had come to love the family she has, but hardened her resolve to stop her husband and carry her mission despite the consequences.

    A son who had come to hate his father for killing his mother and instilled in his mind to kill the one who had thrown him off a cliff.

    A husband who regretfully killed his beloved wife and shed a tear for losing her. A father who saw the result of his doings to his son after all these years and shed a tear. All that Heihachi ojisan wants is to stop the evil that plague his family. It is just so happened that he did it in a way that seems right for him, but too much to bear for everyone.

  3. Sister to akuma dead master daughter they ain't said she didn't have and sister that's out for revenge due to birth of a child that caused the death of a parent that cause that can negate the whole blood line of demons heaven and hell retribution

  4. When you look at your best friend and try to recreate the clashing ewgf but he doesnt realize it and you land a clean uppercut and break hin chin…

  5. Man, i remember watching this trailer over, and over again. I was really hyped for this game back then. And i'm pretty sure that i'm not alone with this. I never thought i'm gonna say this, but this trailer is a bit nostalgic to me. Can't wait for Tekken 8. ?

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