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Rise of the Tomb Raider Game Informer Coverage Trailer

Get a glimpse at the month of exclusive content for Lara Croft’s next adventure Rise of the Tomb Raider that can be found at

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  1. not america? not japan? let's do it in russia! developers' logic. there's plenty of countries out there! just look at far cry 4 doing something new by emphasizing how good nepal is. how about mongolia? egypt? 

  2. Ah so pumped for it. I'm so getting this on release. I love Tomb Raider and I think what they're doing with this game is going to turn out awesome 😀

  3. besides the timed exclusive, this used to be listed as in development for ps3 too and not it's only for xbox platforms -.-

  4. Great game 10/10, i enjoyed it the moment i played the first 30 mins of it, intriguing dark story, realistic graphics and emotions the characters go through, beautifully drawn enviroments, i have so much love for this game, i havent felt this way about Tomb raider since the angel of darkness on ps2, whoever came up with the idea to reboot the series was right on the money, its also packed with behind the scenes hd footage and alot of other goodies, definetly a game to own for the modern gaming freak, heres hoping for a sequel to this gaming masterpiece, well done to the creators, best tomb raider ive played in a long time, made me excited for the series again 🙂 🙂

  5. The console world belongs to Sony, PS4 has an install base of 21million units and Xbox has an install base of 12 million units. Microsoft should just be smart and release this as a multi platform, they are loosing 21 million sold copies by not doing so. If they want to do a special timed exclusive thing, they could include some special dlc extension for the xbox version at launch making it a little more exclusive for xbox owners. Don't be greedy Microsoft, its just gonna backfire like the whole DRM issue did, be smart, release it as multi platform!

  6. I hope, I really hope, all if this people down here threating to all XBOX One users to a horrible death in hands of the Bloody Mary had some kind of payment for Sony. I mean, Sony (just like Microsoft, or Crystal Dinamics, or Square Enix), this people you're fighting for with that passion is that kind of corporation that will sell his own mother's soul to win a single penny. 

    So, I hope you're doing this for some profit, and giving to such an evil corporation that agressive propaganda. I mean, I've buyed the XBOX thing because a friend sold it to me for a ridicolous price. But I'm not going to defend to those Microsoft fuckers any time. At least, I'm not going to become such a brainless zombie defeding a ridiculous game machine that it will broke in 6 years… So the evil corporation can get another 600€ of mi wallet (that's not going to happen, BTW). 

    And following this same reasoning… Do you all defend in such way everything in your life? You actually begin to yell to some mother in the market because she didn't bought that trademark of frozen hake instead of this one? Or do you attack people in elections because the vote to a different party? In fact… Politics… Do you defend in such a passionate, brainless way everything?… Because, if the answer is yes… Now I understand how wrong the world is going… Do you read what politics think before voting them, or just throw your vote to the first cool TV commercial you see?

  7. The only change I hope for is an improvement of the online/multiplayer. I love it a lot, but after playing TLoU's multiplayer, I saw the flaws.

  8. Why are ppl complaining about this game being an xbox TIMED exclusive. Yall ps4 kids always got the best exclusives while xbox got shit. Yall have Uncharted so stop fucking bitching. I swear ps4 turn yall into pussies.

  9. I absolutely love this video it's brilliant.I think it's very pleasing and thouroughly enjoyable.I'm looking forward to it coming to ps4,it's a shame we have to wait a year for it though.

  10. I hope it has more quick time events, less platforming, less puzzles, and less thinking.  Oh and much more interruption from all of the cut scenes.  You all went for it, might as well go all of the way.  Tomb Raider 2013 was an interactive movie.  You should make this one just a movie and get it over with.

  11. Seriously miss the old Tomb Raider games, Tomb Raider the definative edition for ps3 and ps4 was terrible! 
    99% of the game might as well have been played on rails as you're required to go to specific places in a specific way using a specific path to shoot a specific person to capture a specific guards attention that triggers a specific cut scene, where you must push the specific buttons at the specific times to progress! Also the older ones was better because every other level was set in a different location and the new game is set in the same location for the entire game.. 

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