Resident Evil: Revelations 2 – Episode 1 Review

Peter tries to escape the darkest dungeons that Resident Evil: Revelations 2 pits him to see if it’s worth waiting for the next episode.

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  1. I just started a play through of this on my channel. It's alright, a decent starting point, but for some reason it all feels very 'made for handheld' coz of the controls. The enemies are insanely dull and generic, but the story has me curious enough to carry on. It's a decent starting point but I feel it needs to really start to shake things up in episode 2 

  2. Wow he has a problem with Moira cursing wow that's stupid becuase in reality I actually like her character. No one is perfect and has a clean set of vocabulary. I bet if ppl were in her situation they would say fuck too

  3. man again fuckin co-op… crapcom if u want to have coop so badly then make a fuckin open world multiplayer resident evil on an island or some shit damn

  4. Another mediocre game aimed for the average american, for the casual gamer, for the kids…..
    this current VG generation is looking and feeling even worst than the PS3 starting era……
    we are geting hyped disguised poor short garbage so far……
    for us that experienced top notch titles in the past, the actual videogame industry seems to be in agony…..
    if MGSV, The division, The Witcher 3, Project Cars and Uncharted 4 result in the same way than Assassin's Creed 5 or The Order 1886 then goodbye VG world untill some 9-10 game arrives.

  5. one thing which beats me is how the game still feels clunky especially the movement of characters. even after all these years capcom still sticks to the really tired way of movement in the game. what a shame. 

  6. C'mon!
    I really have to play with a partner?? I don't care if it is IA or Co-Op, I want to play alone!
    Can't believe this shit became something mandatory nowadays…
    I want to play a RE game where I'm alone, with a crappy pistol, 5 bullets and just two green herbs while I'm trying to solve a challenging puzzle. It's too much to ask??
    If Resident Evil 7 arrives with this same shit, I give up…

  7. I enjoyed this game as much as i could , it's pretty decent and fun to play .. The raid mode is a total winner !
    I love the classical RE , although i'm always ok with modern versions ..

  8. I 've played all re except 5 even on game cube,this one is cool addition to the series,it's not either bad or too good,but it fun to play,recommend it to any re fan

  9. Moira's great, but i know she doesn't give the best of first impressions. I really cared about her character, at first cause she was Barry's daughter, that we know of since the first game, and she is a more or less defenseless character in a game that once was survival horror…something like Chris and his crappy knife in RE1…Then she became an interesting character (more than Claire and Natalia at least) by herself, and i hope she becomes a regular in the revelations series. Don't want to see her in the core games, they probably make her even more over the top than she already is.

    This game could have been crazy great, if 1 part was just Moira, in a more survival horror style, then Barry tracking her down in a more action oriented style, so they please both crouds with a story that matters and characters that aren't disposable…And you don't have to deal with poor AI…Cause with programming like that, we should not fear of the machines ever taking over, AI partner's dumb…Still my fav RE since 4 came out, hated most modern ones.

  10. ohh dude this is the best resident evil made for ps3 so far. I own all of them, and this one blends all the great from each game that came out (the mystery, the action, the gore, the realistic elements, etc). Also it has the perfect gameplay. I played RE6 and it did good things, but it had its gameplay flaws, which the dev team completely fixed here. I just hope that they keep this perfect blend of gameplay aspects and so on from now on with whatever new RE comes out.

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