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New Details on Rise of the Tomb Raider's Gameplay

The creative director for the Tomb Raider franchise Noah Hughes speaks to Game Informer about how the team is hoping to improve survival, the Metroid-elements, Lara’s immersion, the story’s strucutre, and the sandbox combat for the next game.

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  1. I really do hope that this is just a timed exclusive, because I want to play this game sooooooo bad, considering how amazing it looks and the fact that I've a pretty big fan of the franchise for as long as I can remember and yes I also enjoyed the latest installment in the series as well.

  2. Well my room mate has an Xboner – Guess I'll rent the game, beat it and call it a day. Why the heck would Square Enix make an exclusive deal like this. So dumb. I suppose they'll get a lot more sales on Steam (PC).

  3. awh i was hoping to see gameplay. If it doesn't come out for ps4 eventually then it'll suck but I'll get over it pretty quickly. Too many good games coming. The witcher 3, Batman Arkham Knight, and i still need to play Bloodborne and Guilty Gear Xrd.

  4. will this be a real adventure or it will it be another short walk
    THe first next gen tomb raider had great ideas but it was so short that i didn't realise how quickly i finished it.

  5. Although I enjoyed the re boot I felt it didn't really need a start fresh to the series, I understand what they are doing but I hope some day they will bring back something like the classic tomb raider games or tomb raider legend, and croft Manor

  6. I wasn't all too crazy about the reboot; it was solid but the characters and story were forgettable and there wasn't much to do after the main campaign, but I still liked it and was sort of looking forward to this game. Of course, Microsoft needed something to compete with Uncharted so they had to buy a franchise which had a pretty big following on PlayStation.

  7. Sony ponies won't buy an Xbox one to play rise of tomb raider but will buy a ps4 to buy the last of us again buy gta5 again tomb raider again don't understand logic you can buy Xbox one and open up to new titles

  8. just saying to those who are ranting on how its timed you could just buy a 360 to try it out i mean do you know how cheap they are?

  9. I can't describe how hyped I am for this game…I loved the last one, without a doubt my favourite game ever made. The hardest part for me will be to not look up any gameplay when it comes out for Xbox One since I will get it for PC a few months (hopefully) later.

  10. I have a Xbox one and a ps4 so I will play bit no matter what but I still think its stupid not to be able to have this on ps4 its a 3rd party game an if it wasn't for the PlayStation brand no one would kno who tomb raider was Microsoft is only making this a exclusive because they are failing in the game industry an need this game to be on they system only so more people would have to buy it its sad really that who want people to pay 350 to play a 60$ game that originally came out on the other system 😂😂

  11. The guy explain about the game looks like a right twat. Plus Tomb Raider has been on Playstation since 1996. They cant change it to an Xbox one exclusive. I dont think this game is going to be successful due to its excusive console. Good luck trying to make it a success.

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