How To Not Suck At Evolve

Chris gives you the basic tips to stay alive and KILL KILL KILL. Whether you’re a hunter or a monster this should help you live another day.

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  1. Idk why people hate this game so much, you think the dlc sucks? DONT BUY IT! Besides, every sooner or later they just give out the game for free with the dlc. (That's how I got my copy)

  2. I need to send this to my friends… and the people who got evolve for free on Xbox One, Yes I did get it for free on Xbox One aswell but I've wanted this game for 2.5 years. I did my fair share of research unlike the people who just downloaded it because it is free.

  3. If you have 3 friends (and aren't fighting an Elder Kraken), the game is really fun because you can work together and do well and have fun. Playing with randoms is awful. I usually play Abe, who isn't very good alone but is a great support character, so if my teammates aren't right on my tail helping me then it's pointless trying. I run around with the tracking dart gun and try to hit the monster, then I go in and throw down the mobile arena and start chucking stasis grenades. I'm always just hauling ass to follow the monster to track it and trap it, but if my teammates aren't following to heal me and damage the monster, then we're all gonna have a bad time.

  4. Everytime I play Evolve:
    • Hunters go off on their own and gets killed by the monster and wildlife.
    • Assaults stay by the sidelines and chip away at the monster’s health instead of going in close range and dealing massive damage to the monster.
    • Trappers doesn’t dome the monster or restrict their movements.
    • Trappers dome the hunters instead
    • Medics don’t use their healing tools and just use their damage weapons and abilities.
    • Supports don’t shield or buff hunters.
    • A hunter and the monster teaming
    • Lazaurus players that only uses their glove on dead hunters and not incapped hunters and only revives incapped hunters the normal way
    • Those hunters that does not protect their teammates
    • That monster that only sneaks around the map until stage 3
    • Medics that won’t even heal themselves
    • That monster that only targets the medic
    • Monster camping on a incapped hunter
    • Hank players that uses the orbital barrage on a path that leads to the monster
    • AFK players
    • Players that only use the take a break mechanism to fight
    • Hunters that kills any wildlife in sight
    • Caira players that only heal themselves
    • Assaults, trappers, and supports that revive incapped hunters when Laz is around.
    • Support and Lazaurus players that think the cloak makes them invincible
    • Emet players that leave their respawn beacon out in the open

  5. How to be a better Hunter player:
    • Don’t get separated from your teammates, you never know when the monster or other wildlife might just pounce on you.
    • As medic, you can expect monsters to target you first. Use movement passive abilities to aid your escape against the monster.
    • Medic’s role is to keep her teammates at full health, so make sure you heal your teammates between battles. It’s better to engage the monster at full health.
    • When engaging the monster, try not to be clustered together. All monsters can damage multiple hunters with a single basic attack and ability.
    • Supports must watch the entire battle, if you see the assault attack the monster with their heavy weapons, amplify the damage with Cabot’s Damage Amplifier. See an ally taking heavy damage? Use Hank’s Shield Projector or Sunny’s Shield Drone to protect the hunter. Monster camping an in-capped hunter? Use Hank’s Orbital barrage or Bucket’s turrets to force the monster out of that area.
    • Assault’s job is to deal heavy damage against the monster. All assaults’ heavy weaponry is very effective at short range so don’t be afraid to be up in the monster’s face.
    • When low on health, DO NOT engage the monster and give your medic a chance to heal you up.
    • When fighting against the Wraith, you can tell which is the real one and which is the decoy. The decoy will glow white when damaged.
    • When Daisy is sniffing at the ground, it indicates that the monster is near. When she has a red mark above her head, it means that the monster is at her location and she sees it.

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