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Danny, Justin and Alexa talk about the recent controversy surrounding The Order: 1886 and the right length of play time for a full price game.

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  1. Are you shitting me? this shit has been around for ages.. i mean just look at the call of duty franchise (at least Modern warfare 2/3) medal of honor and battlefield, that shit was just as short, perhaps even shorter. But now all of a sudden people bitch that The Order is 6 hours? Spec ops the line was also short (around 6 hours) but nobody was bitching then… I just wanna know what is it about The Order that people are so angry about? What makes this game so special that people are pissed off that its 6 hours or whatever…. We know that fps and tps tend to be shorter… if you dont like it wait for it to be on a sale or dont buy it… just speak with your wallets…

  2. Remember that video game revolution that took place in the 80s? Consumers began to rage because everybody and their mom was releasing video games to cash in on the rising fad and 90% of them were absolute garbage. Well, I feel another revolution coming on. We're all getting tired of ripoff DLC, unfinished games getting released due to the "pre-order" scam, and much more. The only way to get developers attention is to stop buying their product and stop pre-ordering. If they get punished, they'll listen.

  3. 69.99 here in canada. With tax almost 80.. Then add special or collectors editions ._. Another 25 to 30 for season pass. Then shipping or gas prices. $$$$$$$$$$$

  4. I am going to red box this and return it. It smells of launch title that was released too late. I expect this kind of thing at launch when i have no choices. This is too late for this caliber of product. Pretty…but thats about it. if the story was better, then awesome, but i do not get that impression.

  5. It's a new IP, on a new platform. You are paying for the engine and art development more than anything else. It should get better in sequels where they can re-use assets and focus on level content. 

    I mean they could have slapped-on 10 fetch quests on there to make "longer" gameplay. I'd take story driven goals and cutscenes over that anyday. This is one of those games that should get better sequels. It has above average story, kill off a few characters and introduce new enemies and this franchise could be big.

    This first game would be great on a 70$ 3-game pack down the line. I'm not buying this now, but I can see myself buying it in the future or on sale.

  6. okay people….solution to this short duration of the game and you haven't played it yet…
    1) rental at redbox
    2) pay used game at gamestop and return it within 7 days with full refund.
    3) or just watch youtube walkthrough…

  7. No problem paying 20 for a 90 min movie in the movie theater, and once you've seen that you get kicked out. At least with a game you cdan restart, experience different thins, try different strategies etc. Just saying. You get to take the bastard home with you.

  8. This is retarded Resident Evil 1 & 2 had a Playthrough time of 2 hours and 15 minutes if you rushed through it in 1998 and nobody complained back then.

    Nowdays its like oh The Order 1886 has a Playthrough Time of 6 hours thats not worth my money.


  9. How did no one notice that Danny said it was coming to "various computer game consoles" when they were making this?

  10. Blah blah to rest with all these futile arguments! Simply put this game has no replay value. As most realistic gamers realize this is an INTERACTIVE MOVIE and nothing more.

    Why create a game like this and at a bare minimum not offer co-op?

    This industry has become a joke, no wonder more ppl are abandoning consoles for PC.

  11. I would be ok with the length of this game if the actual game was of decent quality.

    Unskippable cutscenes, flipping useless objects with your hand, a lame ass boss fight that is copy pasted to the final boss of the game, infinite QTE's and incredibly predictable AI for the Half Breds and Lycans or… they're called werewolves, ok?

    A playthrough of Dishonored could be completed in 6 hours or less, here's the catch: THERE WERE MULTIPLE CHOICES AND PATHS YOU COULD TAKE WHICH IN IT OF ITSELF HAS ALREADY MORE REPLAYABILITY THAN THIS.

    Such a wasted opportunity.

  12. I'm calling B.S. on the gentleman who says he buys all his games. Fact is, he gets to play his games for free, no matter what he says.

  13. Honestly if your gonna talk about games get your shit straight. Spec Ops The Line did have multiplayer and it actually was far from great but it definitely had its value.

  14. The only game I've ever bought that felt like it was legitimately worth sixty dollars was GTA V. More games need to be like that in terms of content. The new Heist updates just recently came out and I'm still playing it!

    So that's nearly two years worth of content for $60.
    Compare that to just a generic 9 hour campaign most other games offer.

  15. Half this time I spend creating my character in a game usually. But the problem here isn't the quality of the game but what you're getting from it for the price you're paying; altough we're paying for a good story that is to be expected from a game.
    About the steam argument I don't agree, why would you release a game for $60 if there's already a cut in profit from those waiting for a sale, you could get a lot more of copies sold if the price was cheaper because not everybody is disposed to wait for a discount and usually they will not buy the game. Customers would even (sigh) preorder more copies considering they would be able to play the game earlier and not have to spend full price for it or wait for a sale.

  16. People were paying $50 for SNES and they were almost never more than a few hours but they had so much replay value that it didn't matter. I've easily spent hundreds of hours playing Super Mario Bros or Donkey Kong Country.

  17. Let's put things this way: Certain games cost 60$ and can last hundreds of hours (eg: Skyrim). Other games are FREE and can last hundreds or even thousands of hours (eg: League of Legends). That being said, if you're trying to sell a 5-10 hour long game with low replay value for 60$ you are fucking dishonest and should be shamed. There is no excuse for it. Either make your game longer or lower the price.

  18. To me $60 being okay for a short game relies on two things:

    1. The quality of the experience

    2. Multiplayer

    If a game tells a compelling story or has fantastic gameplay or both then it being short isn't a ruining factor.

    If the game is short, but it also has enjoyable multiplayer then that's 100s of hours of gameplay alone on top of a single player or story mode.

    But this is just how I feel

  19. Damn is The Order 1886 really that shit? I saw it for $20 at Target, which is the most I pay for a non Bethesda game, I might pick it up next time.

  20. I think only premium games should be 60. like stuff like fallout, elder scroll, witcher.etc etc. stuff that gives you loads of hours in it to play. other titles that's not as long or in depth but still give u a good chunk if stuff should be 50 and smaller games be 30

  21. Crysis 1 is only around 5 hours or so, but! I end up going through it at least every year, because I enjoy it so much. There are so many games that overstay their welcome, that I never want to touch after the first playthrough.

  22. 3 questions, how much does a movie cost on blu-ray and how much does a season of a tv show cost on blu-ray, and why the difference?

    now answer how short something that costs $60 can be…

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