How Shadow of Mordor's DLC Fixed the Ending – The Lobby

With the release of the The Bright Lord for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, Alexa tells us how this DLC fixes the ending of the game.

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  1. So you have to buy the dlc to get the ending that should have been on the disc you bought. I got the ending get ready for shadow of Mordor 2 yeah. But wait if you pay more money you can have a better ending. Absolute fucking bullshit. Yeah if you dont like it dont buy it.

  2. How is Celebrimbor both elf & possessed by his wraith form at the same time? Shouldn't he be dead to he turns into a wraith? That makes no sense unless he's possessed by The Bright Lord or some other wraith, I dunno.

  3. WoW she studied Tolkien and still says Calebrimbor and Annatar (Sauron) Forged the One Ring together, Sauron and Calebrimbor forged only 16 rings together, Calebrimbor later forged with the rafting learned from Sauron the Three Elven Rings. Sauron alone forged the One Ring in the Fires of the Orodruin (Mount Doom) Calebrimbor had zero % to do with the Forging of the Master Ring, thats how Sauron wanted to decieve and control all the kingdoms of the Elves. Only Sauron put his essence into the ring and his desiere for power and malace to rule. Only Sauron can wield the ring and its powers because it is a part of him. For another Maiar (Gandalf, Radagast, Saruman or Galadriel) who would wield the ring would suffer a worse fate. In time Sauron would be destroyed by it, but the one Ring is Evi and Corruptive and no mather how strong there resolve would be, they would fall to the Ring and become Sauron again, more powerfull than ever before. The Ring wants to be found but this have Calebrimbor been forced to make the One Ring would disturbes Tolkiens grave more than those Hobbit movies. Calebrimbor is powerfull but not a Maiar, Monolith brought a great deal of lore into the game but they got of track and got the lore messed up in the end. Talion Forging a new Ring of Power?? bahh

  4. This DLC is before the main campain we already see what happen the ring betrays celembrinbor and dies inthe hands of Sauron, we simply get to play that.

  5. I'm a little worried about it looking to much of the same stuff for me to really enjoy it not to mention it seems to remove, at least by what was said, a lot of what I liked about near end-game SoM.

    It just seems like hard-mode I suppose and again only by how it has been explained here.

  6. The bright lord dlc just confirms all the theories of the main story. Why Celebrimbor chose Talion, why he needed him so much, why he's giving all those advices like branding and dominate, and more importantly, who is the person Talion true role in the game.

  7. I don't understand how this game got game of the year. It didn't have a difficulty option. No second-play-through. And the DLC "Bright Lord" is the same gameplay as the campaign but you play as the Elf instead of the man. Please prove me wrong.

  8. She keeps saying it's so difficult. It's definitely more difficult than the main game, because Celebrimbor isn't as powerful as endgame Talion, but it's not that bad. In Test of the Ring though, Celebrimbor has all of Talion's abilities and the Power of the One Ring, which makes him ridiculously overpowered. It's fun though.

  9. So the GOTY had a bad ending where you don't like the ending and need to buy DLC for it since you don't get to actually fight the final boss when the whole game lead up to it? Pathetic choice for a GOTY when the game doesn't end with a fight just an event…

  10. Personally I didn't like the final bossbattle against Sauron. It felt like I dominated all those orks to fight him but at the end they are useless 🙁 also I wanted it to be a little more epic.

  11. It did not fix the ending, all I did was hit 2 and spam F. Literally worse than the original. Plus the way they did the end of the boss fight was sooooo bullshit.

  12. So it just lets you play as celebrimbor but in Talions perspective it already shows that Celebrimbor fails the only thing that would fix the ending is if it had a second part

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