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A few people snagged this PlayStation 4 monitor for an incredibly cheap price. We take a look and see if it’s worth its regular asking price of $300.

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  1. If you want something that is portable that uses low power has thousands of classic games and can cost less that $100 get a Raspberry PI, screen, controller, cables and case. hey you may even learn a thing or two about Linux which is not a bad thing. 

  2. i can buy cheap lap top with that price and can do allot more than this paying something that have lover quality no thank you maybe 50 dollars 

  3. I think some one was just nostalgic for the old days when the ps1 had a portable screen. Either then that, they probably realized they would take a huge loss unless they charged a ridiculous amount for it. But then again the ps1's monitor had refresh rates that actually kept up with the system lol and was 3 times more portable with the slim ps1.

  4. Have'nt you guys seen fast and the furyes where he play's videogames in he's car. But if you have the time you can set this up in your own car 😀 just my conspect

  5. i dont get it. its so esay to make a usb powered monitor thies days. CHEEP. my hp chromebook is the best egsample of this. small but with good sound

  6. I don't see how you could complain about pc gamers paying so much for their hardware and playing on small screens and then buy this piece of crap for $300.

  7. if that monitor thing act as a power bank that can power up the ps4 then that something really can think of..with a decent play time up to 2~3 hours..then thats truly portable HD gaming..that worth the price..hehe

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