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Hands-On Impressions Of The Witcher 3

Kimberley Wallace returns from playing the first three hours of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and has much to share with Andrew Reiner.

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  1. The game looks fun. I just don't really like how the main character looks in terms of the clothes he wears. But, I'll buy the game.

  2. The guy conducting this interview is really disappointing. It's like they chose someone who has obviously never played a Witcher game before or even did anything past maybe looking at the box art to ask someone else who played it for the first time a bunch of random ass questions. I mean seriously if you even finished Witcher 2 without delving too much into the lore you would know that "The Wild Hunt" wasn't actually referring to hunting monsters. 

  3. They need to go back and update the mechanics to match the 3rd game. I feel the same way about Mass Effect. To go back and play either series first 2 games is cumbersome and clunky.

  4. The Game of Thrones of video games. I actually watched Game of thrones because it reminded me of the Witcher, I've played the first 2 and loved them, just wish they were open world. I'm reading The Last wish (first Witcher Novel) I'm loving it, way better then I though it would be, 6 more books to go. Got till May.

  5. I only played the OG Witcher and I found it was kind of clunky when it came to alchemy and magic even combat, is this game going to be more fluid?

  6. I couldn't get into the first game, i spent like 15 minutes trying to figure out how the combat worked then i raged quit. never played W2. So if thats improved alright, because this game seems cool.

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