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Exploring The New Setting For Rise Of The Tomb Raider

Game director for Rise of the Tomb Raider Brian Horton talks about the decision to bring Lara Croft to Siberia and explains how the team is turning this frozen terrain into a fun gameplay experience.

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  1. Sounds and looks good just one thing wrong with it not going on PS4 why? got the remastered version on PS4 and it was awesome on the system you guys made the first one for xbox and ps why not do the same for this one? or is it because you don't want people to find out that ps4 is better then xbox 720.

  2. …What the fuck does snow have to do with this game? The cliffhanger from the end of the last game, had her looking at a map that had "Croatoan" written on it, which means it should've taken place on the coast of North Carolina.

  3. Microsoft paid millions for this game exclusively for Xbox One, sucks for PS4 and PC gamers. I love PS4 too because they do have good games too. Im shocked to see this only on Xbox One.

  4. FUCK x-box one , release the game for PC on STEAM for fuck sake…fucking exclusives ,they've given the middle finger to nearly 80% of T.R. fans ,since the T.R. franchise was first seen on the PS system and no one would buy an x-box one these days ,most people tend to use PCs or PS4

  5. I'm really excited for this game. Since TR 2013 I am a big fan of the series and I like the mountain scenery. One thing I always loved on Tomb Raider was the great atmosphere and the setting looks very beautiful. I'm looking forward for a new Trailer to see more of this game and hope it will be as good as the the last TR 🙂

  6. ….so upset how the Tomb Raider series headed downhill. This game makes it worse…just call it Indiana Jones and be done with it.

  7. I may be the only person who DOESNT want an open world. I liked the linear structure of the first, it helped the story flow and made it work, especially compared to more open world games like far cry, where the story while still be good just isn't on the same level

  8. I'm getting restless; I want to see gameplay footage. Can't believe we've had to wait pretty much a year since its announcement.

  9. Please no multiplayer crap concentrate on single player TR is a single player game! and make good tombs with hard puzzles to solve TR isn't a FPS game! I heard nothing in this interview about tombs and puzzles to solve just about crafting , and snow which every game has I mean wtf?! this game better have tombs with challenging puzzles and not focus on damn shooting or I will abandon the TR franchise!

  10. What I find amusing is the fact that Microsoft paid for a timed exclusive. Money that, let's be honest, will most likely be spent on remastering/upgrading it for the PS4 and PC to boost the performance for the obviously more powerful systems (no hate, just saying it like it is). The initial profits from the Xbox One game sales might also be used to help make the game better on PS4 and PC. I just don't understand the benefit of a timed exclusive. Sure you get the initial right to the game, but in the long run you lose out… (For those wondering, I'm still playing on a 360 and probably won't go "next-gen" until 2016)

  11. I feel like this isn't even Lara anymore. Like might as well just give her a different name too. She doesn't look even in the slightest bit like how she did before legend, her attitude is bleh. I loved that she was so sassy and had a spark to her personality. She was just an overall badass and now she's like your average nice high school girl. Plus ever since legend, the "puzzles" have been SO easy. Not to mention becoming less and less. I want to be CHALLENGED. Please stop the jumping and running around and actually implement puzzles. You don't necessarily have to copy the older tomb raiders to a T but at least look at it as a base structure or something cuz these last ones are REALLY lacking. Stop focusing on making it "pretty" with special effects, slow-mo's, and the swirling snow bs. Yes it looks nice but at least make the content of the games decent. I honestly wish Core was never fired. :/

  12. 3:55 I really like that shes not a superhero all the time, that she is overwhelmed too sometimes. The ups and downs makes me more involved with her as a person rather then just a character 🙂

  13. I love tumor raider I beat like the whole first game like hundred percent done and loved every second but I just finished watching the new trailer and 90% of the thing was freezing temperatures and yet somehow I could still see butt cheeks lol, wtf, still super excited to buy and play first day 😏

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