Can You Tell The Difference Between PS4, XONE and PC? – Reality Check

Cam undertakes the mother of all console war experiments: Can people REALLY tell the difference between PS4, XONE and PC based on graphics alone?

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  1. Several problems:

    The games they chose are ones with almost no difference in quality PC vs Console. Seriously try to tell the difference btw lowest and ultra on any Far Cry game.

    Speaking of graphics quality, what settings did they use on the PC? They never said.

    The only thing left that a gamer could use to differentiate is the FPS, but in the 2nd sequence, the camera hardly moves at all. I had to focus on the bounce on the gun, not exactly the type of thing that affects your experience gaming.

    The use of these particular games needed to be justified. I already griped with the FC4 choice, and others are saying similar things about CoD. Do these games upscale to run on console? If not, this test doesn't say a single thing about resolution testing.

    Last thing: even if they fixed all these issues, the real comparison that would answer whether you could tell the difference btw PC and console is impossible. They'd need to have a game that was designed in one alternate universe as a PC game primarily, then in the other alternate universe, that game would need to be designed for console. Because developers who make a game to run on PS4 for example don't need to bother optimizing for PC owners who mostly have superior hardware, let alone spending time creating huge graphics improvements for the PC. So only in games like Witcher 3 that push graphical boundaries can you tell a difference in a screenshot.

  2. I guess the only thing that really matters or at least is noticeable is framerate, the rest are just little bits here and there in specific games, etc…
    anyway I think 30fps in 2016 is shameful

  3. This is such a stupid experiment. The only question being answered is whether can you tell the difference between good, better, & best graphics. I hope so otherwise all this new tech for games is useless, right?

  4. Not surprised by the result. At the moment we shouldn't expect any major difference between a PC and the consoles. We're also quickly reaching diminishing returns, and it will only "get worse", i.e. the pace of substantial graphical improvement will only get slower over time.

  5. The 1st two are console (which consols? It doesnt matter) and the last is PC. Next time you should run all 3 vids in the same area to make the test fair.

  6. wouldnt you be able to tell the difference between ps4 and xbone because of the controllers? or did they use the same controller for both?

  7. if u can't tell the difference between 30 and 60 fps ur a console fanboy who says stiff like cinematic. frame rate and other shit.

  8. Well coming from a PC with dual monitors and 144hz for years, I pretty damn sure I can tell, though limit the PC FPS to 60 I can probably tell if the console is using wireless peripherals. I'm the type that's really sensitive to latency, like 1000hz polling vs 500hz on a mouse, I can feel the difference and tell you that it is not 1000hz.

  9. i can spot it easly just by looking at the aliasing, also on console after a min or two i get head pain cause of the framerate i'm not used to

  10. I feel like the choice of games wasn't the best since Ubisoft games are notorious for downgrading on the PC (maybe GTA V as a better example). Also if you look at PC exclusive games like Arma 3 there is far more detail than what a console normally would be able to handle. Not to say all PC's are automatically better than consoles however, if you have a high end computer and you pair it with a console you will find that the high end PC will be able to run higher presets than what the console would be able to.

  11. This is a wonderful test. It shows that there are marginal if at all any difference for at least what our eyes are able to pick up on when comparing all kinds of gaming platforms. For those of you who say that he should have chosen one game over the other, well that does not make any sense at all. For instance, if I buy a high end gaming pc, I expect ALL games to look better. I am not going to buy a pc if only select games look better. The bottom line is this. While on paper PC's have much higher specs, our eyes and brains can only truly process to a certain extent. So are pc's worth it? For graphics and visuals probably not. For better control in FPS by using keyboard and mouse definitely, but other games a controller would be better to use as well.

  12. your blind if you cant tell the difference in the aliasing, texture resolution, shadow resolution and draw distance in those test and the other possibility is the TEST WAS RIGGED AND PLAYED THE PC IN MIXED SETTING OF MEDIUM-HIGH SETTINGS.

  13. It doesn't matter really. If you own a console you probably have access to the best exclusives games (well not on XboxOne) , and if you own a PC you have access to the fact that you're an Incel and nobody gives a shit about your specs.

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