Bloodborne – The Hunt Begins Trailer

Meet some of the gruesome characters you’ll be hunting down when Bloodborne launches next month.

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  1. looks very promising. hopefully it will be good. i totally love the design of the enemies and surroundings- reminds me of those old classic horror movies, and the music is just perfect. makes you really miss the old movies. people who made movies about vampires, werewolfs, creepy mutated creatures.. would have been proud. 

  2. sigh, they're going to lose so much potential profit by not releasing this on PC. I know I won't be getting it, and i dont even know a single person who has a ps4.

  3. Something about the world shown in this trailer really turns me off. I'm all for dark stories, but this world looks… demented. shrugs

  4. all this hate for the best selling console over and over again tut tut. oh lets not forget xbox one best selling for a couple of months 😛 fucking egg box lol also pc gamers get with the times and buy the ps4 pc is old school lol

  5. I feel bad for other console users I think they should also get some nice games like the ppl who bought xbox one are pretty much disappointed by Microsoft so I think now they should wait for companies to release some good games for xbox like we (playstation users) had since ps3

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