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Danny, Chris, Greg Miller and Colin Moriarty wonder if The Division going to follow the same open-world, multiplayer emphasis of other Ubisoft games like Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed, Watch Dogs, and The Crew.

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  1. awesome it can be offline but why do games now and days make you have an internet connection!? like I couldn't get on Destiny or some of my other games on Christmas because the networks were down. What happened to even if the networks are down we could still play single player? they did the multiplayer stuff pretty decent with watch dogs and it didn't require you to be online while playing single player.

  2. I refuse to buy another online only game. There's nothing more immersion breaking then other people dicking around in my game.

  3. 1 New York….seriously anywhere but there, it's not an original or interesting location, it's boring and flat plus we've seen it a million times before, jesus counting all the other games not to mention movies I've watched I feel like I've spent too much time there…so yeah never want to go there on vacation.

    2 the whole everybody died and society broke down because of a flu epidemic is actually interesting, ironically original and different from the standard video game outbreak bullshit.

    3 I'm just going to assume this multiplayer always online bullshit is gonna be an excuse to have zero plot or story of any kind, no character development or any actual content in the form of decent missions, jobs, activities and objectives etc…what ya wanna bet it's gonna be go here shoot stuff rinse and repeat, maybe collect a certain number of something arbitrary.

    I really don't get what's so complicated about doing online as an optional choice or making a story that is interesting but less a sole individual hero centric affair so that a party or group can take part and enjoy something with substance and depth…For example was star wars or Lord of the rings just about one action hero?
    Seems like nowadays developers aren't limited by anything technical, not the hardware or software just their talent and imagination but instead of actually concentrating on stuff that should matter all they care about is graphics or making everything more cinematic I.E like a movie or more photo real.

  4. If The Elder Scrolls VI: Daedra Heart does have coop, and it is optional, I wouldn't mind a little 4 person coop. Role play with friends properly, lip movement for talking in mics, people get muted to you when you are in a conversation, optional pvp, trading things for solo player, and mod kit right out the gate with the game for PC, would all be welcomed in my book. And if they do make Daedra Heart, they need to be better than Skyrim. Stuff like: a bigger voice actor range than 6 to 7 people, less bugs, a playable game, a good story, meaningful choices, voice acting for protagonist, upgrade from 3gb ram lock to prevent ctd's, better graphics, better sound, a body when you look down (seriously people, this is next gen, you can makr a body for your first person, this isn't last gen any more), and better looking people (as in people who are not fugly but still match lore). Also, fix your damn feet Bethesda design team! I understand people are more than likely going to have shoes on all the time, but that does not mean make the feet from Morrowind look next gen on comparison!

  5. I think all Ubisoft games being based on the same actions (hunt for skins, craft, liberate towns, climb towers, buy upgrades) is just them trying to prepare us for the big reveal: all their games share the same universe.. the Ubiverse.

    Kidding (and trolling) aside, I have to say that if a game introduces an interesting setting worth exploring, it should be SP focused. There's just no way multiplayer, even coop, takes it's time to appreciate what happens around you and lore and all the details developers put in amazing games. Borderlands 2 is a really interesting example of a game that's supposed to be co-op centric but in my experience, the witty writing, the funny lines, the wasteland setting that I love, all were just thrown away because in co-op you can't take the time to appreciate them. It's a really contradictory choice in design, in my opinion, or maybe my friends are just too ADHD

  6. I love co-op multiplayer, happiness is only real when shared (don't nitpick me on that, I got that from a movie).
    But I can imagine it can be frustrating if you have friends that are not really interested in that.
    However, if that's the case you should try to play with people who are in the same boat as you, and see how that does wonders. Make new friends like that, friendships come in many forms.

  7. The Division is going to be exactly like Destiny is, in the way that you need to be online to play, it's persistent. That's the good thing about those games and having online is that you work together do some adventures or missions get loot, have fun.

    The whole idea where you can be out doing a mission then you c an run into another squad and do PvP, for what The Division is that sounds perfect and fits that setting really well.

    I don't think the PvP will be forced and will probably be optional or only on certain high lvl missions.

    The Crew is a good example where you need an online connection to play but i would say allot of people actually solo'd the content in that game and it's only at lvl 50 where you might want to get some people together do Faction v Faction, exact same with Destiny.

    I dunno why you would want to have an offline singleplayer experience in a game like The Division. Although Destiny and The Crew met my expectations as i knew exactly what i was getting, there were parts that i felt let down in areas, in Destiny's case with the story and failing to immerse you into the lore etc, to make games like these there will be some aspects that in the end will fail.

    For The Division and Ubisoft, i think they have enough experience between the 3 studios who are working on it to get the basics right, these type of online always games are exactly what i want from next-gen gaming, in general however there's been some teething problems and people trying to get used to it. I think The Division will be the first real step towards this kind of model and something other devs can look at as a benchmark. 

  8. Even if this is good, I can see this being popular for a few months at most before just burning itself out.
    Mandatory co-op story-driven games are usually the worst of both worlds. You get the linearity of the single player experience without the focused story, combined with the chaos of multiplayer without the freedom it allows.
    It's a new console era though so I could be, even hope that, I'm wrong.

  9. garranteed the multiplayer will take away from the actual main story/levels/missions. look at how assassins creed has come along since multiplayer got introduced each 12 sequences have each gotten shorter from around 5 to 7 mission now to only 2-3 missions per chapter less than half of the game content we had back at revalations. 

    Also they'll put a fuck ton of collectables in there for now reason AC Unity has something like nearly 500 chests yet only a total of 20 – 30 missions (which some you can barely call a mission) I would say the ac franchise and even far cry now have both become see how much you can collect 

  10. Farcry aside… Anyone who actually still believes The Division is gonna live up to its hype after Ubisoft's track record this year deserves the game they are gonna get. I'm sorry but, if you are sitting STILL pre ordering or having pre ordered their games… You are part of the problem.

  11. I feel like everyone is totally blinded to ac:unity because of all the buggy shite, seriously other than that its a tops game, it has all the ingredients for a good game. Graphics, story, beautiful world , gameplay, tons of customization, I loved it. It really is a shame it was so stunted by the bugs and framerate

  12. I always wonder with these games… if anyone actually ever stops to admire the details in the art/world/signs/buildings… or if people just run from one destination to the next to complete missions…

  13. Im so sick of all these games going CoOp / Multiplayer. Are people seriously sick of playing a story? That's the best thing about gaming! Being immersed in a story and having the control to effect the outcome in just fascinating. I like playing with friends but I much rather play a story on my own, do what I want, when I want. I will ALWAYS love SP much more than MP.

  14. Ubisoft really has a shit formula with their games. It seems a lot that their "Open-World" games focus on one main gimmick or more than one gimmick (Normally they're really crap games.)

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