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Uncharted 4 Game Informer Coverage Trailer

A trailer for the month of Game Informer’s exclusive content for Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End that can be found at

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  1. at 1.00 were not gonna make it too dark everyone calm down lmao i have a feeling hs trolling but thats the passion i wanna see in my devs i want them to notice peoples concerns online and then say woooorrrrd your talking about us doing that we do whatever we want to make great games ………….most devs dont even know what n4g is ……………..

  2. Oh wow it looks JUST like the other 3! I have played every Naughty Dog game, uncharted 2 was the best one and that was a 7/10 at best. Why are people excited for this? Have mobile games set the bar so low?

  3. Naughty Dog always reminds me of just a group of friends having fun and coming up with ideas.  They never seem to take themselves seriously, they just enjoy what they're doing and are just as excited as the fans.

  4. I'm fine really with getting another 'Uncharted' that's pretty similar. They're all good games. As long as the story is different I don't mind.
    But I get why game makers want to develop them. Just please don't make it too different.

  5. GI always gets the best cover stories. I was anticipating either this or Halo 5, so I'm assuming March will be the latter. Anyway good job guys/girls, the issues are always great reads, keep it up!

  6. I hope they make an ncharted collection box set fot ps 4. I gave my ps3 away all games included and i miss this tittles alot..

  7. what are the exact words of Bruce on 0:10??? I managed to hear only few exact words and some blabla. I hear something like: "we have not channel 11 again like we wrapped it out {???} like you know with the last of us we are like f**k{ing} that thing back in there"
    Could someone please help me out with this?

  8. This isn't a feeling I've gotten since playing uncharted 3 multiplayer and watching uncharted tv with people talking about the game and stuff.

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