The Absolute Best (and Worst) of VR – GameTech at CES 2015

There were a lot of excellent virtual reality devices at CES this year, as well as a lot of disappointing ones. We run down which HMDs are worth keeping an eye on and which ones to avoid like the virtual plague.

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  1. call me when the head set don't carry the risks of causing my epileptic seizures to relapse reducing me to a quivering mass on the floor foaming at the mouth and blacking out. Then and only then will I think about playing, and/or developing games for them.

  2. Let the bandwagon cometh baby!!!! Can't friggen believe we are 1-2 years tops from affordable consumer VR. Such a great time to be a gamer. I grew up with games since Atari but people often forget that it's the innovation and CHANGE that drives this industry. I love the classics but bring on the sensory immersion. So many possibilities beyond gaming as well.

  3. If they really want them to be big, just make them a VR smart phone.

    Get on a call, and you both step into a VR room, where you talk to eachothers VR bodies.
    (invite friends for a larger number of people.)

    Have all the smart phone options available, and you're on your way to getting a big market

  4. What razer is doing is trying to cash in on Oculus fametrain, with a Dk1 headset from Oculus released files. Razer ought be shunned for being VR whores. The handtracking device called leap motion, it isn't owned by Razer, they just bought the damn thing, like everybody else can. Razer isn't innovating a single thing, downloading Oculus dk1 files and using a HD screen isn't innovating.

  5. I really can't wait so see the VR systems grow and develop even further. I own a DK2, play and make videos about it and it is always a thrilling experience to lay your hands on the ideas of another developer, sometimes blowing your mind with his take on VR possibilities. I am thrilled looking at what's to come in 2015. An really not thrilled looking at 3D Head … 🙂

  6. I'd like to see through the device and have augmented reality.. I could use my car as a controller for my driving game (fps will be great fun, Battlefield in Richmond Park? 😀 with ar drones for helicopters…….. Spectators, filming….. ), with the engine off of course but newer cars will have force feedback for their own safety and self drive functions. 

  7. lol, all VR headset nowadays only 90-100 degree FOV, i have colorcross, it's bad like watching a window through binocular. 
    too bad i dont hear any news from infinityeyes anymore that have 210 degree FOV.
    so the best so far is still my DIY VR Cardboard that have 120 degree FOV. it's feels like watching another world using ski goggles. you can understand my DIY VR Cardboard 120 degree horizontal FOV. it by wearing ski goggles and watch 22 inch widescreen PC monitor from 6-7".

  8. Oculus has  aquired Nimble VR, which blows leap motion out of the water in every possible way. Its pretty sad that Razer has to use outdated technology such as leap and it definitely shows if you got the chance to actually try it.

  9. Lol, all these 50 yr olds on here scared of VR, how can you compare blue and red shitty spy kids like 3d glasses to VR, that's like watching a VHS tape and saying 4K is shit and quality is a fad, how do you people expect gaming technology to advance since VR is so horrible? Oh maybe we should make a giant controller with a big ass screen in it.. Oh wait.. Okay we could get a camera to track your movements and put them into the game, Oh wait we got that too, okay I guess your right lets all go back to Atari cause VR must be a shit fad..

  10. Mark my words. Vr won't last. Those stupid Google glasses don't even sell. Cool products but nothing is taking me away from conventional gaming. This shit is for ppl with no friends.

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