Should You Buy the New Borderlands Handsome Edition? – The Lobby

Borderlands is coming to Xbox One and PS4, but is a bunch of DLC and 4 player split-screen enough to get you to buy it again? Mary Kish and Chris Watters discuss.

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  1. Is this worth it nowadays? I would presume multiplayer in the game now is basically dead and if I remember correctly it played a big part in the game, is it still worth it?

  2. Hey I want to pre order it on ps4 and I'm afraid it won't work because of internet like what happened to me with lego Harry potter

  3. I wish I could find just one review with them talking about the actual game instead of always talking about the stupid frame rate… I get that its important to a game but damn so is the story and actual gameplay.

  4. Anyone have issues with the Xbox One version? I had the game over a year ago but sold it because I could never connect with anyone to play with. Has this issue been solved or are people still experiencing problems? Also, are a lot of people still playing this game or is it basically dead?

  5. It really sounds like they didn't even play the release. The game looks WAAAAAAY better!! There's no loading on textures, you can see way further, drastically reduced aliasing problems, all of the graphical effects got a bump. This version how it should have always looked and now the tech has caught up. Play the Pre First.

  6. It would be kinda awkward me playing the pre-quel then skipping 1 and moving to Borderlands 2. cause I never played Borderlands 1 for the PS3….I guess I'll have to skip this looks to be awesome game…:( bummer.

  7. You know what? I bought this collection today for 20 bucks and it has both games with full DLC for each. I got a steal of a deal for that price.

  8. I'm here because it's currently on sale on the Playstation Store and because it's a 4 players split screen game which is good for me and my cousins

  9. Borrowed the game from a friend. Played it until chapter 11 and then I gave the game back. I forget how old the game is and just wasn't appealing to me. The Gunplay was difficult to adjust to. And even with the plethora of weapon choices you still feel somewhat underpowered against tedious enemy types . Rage 2 unfortunately suffered a similar fate but compensates in effectively implementing balanced gunplay but like Borderlands, it is sorely lacking a memorable story line .

    Borderlands' gunplay felt stiff and didn't leave much room for flexibility. You're always exposed in every enemy engagement and while the game is highly rewarding, you can't help but notice that the rewards are lackluster at best.

    So all in all, the handsome collection is definitely for the Borderlands enthusiast, but given the game's archaic gameplay mechanics, it will be hard to conform to for newcomers.

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