Project CARS – Start Your Engines Trailer

Bandai Namco is angling for pole position with racing simulator Project CARS.

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  1. game traillers alwyas look great..  its some king of marketing so that we can be inlove with what we see..   but the real gameplay itself really sucks..   its actually preety bad, with poor phisics, poor sounds (f1), poor cockpit view (f1) and from cars that no longer run..  so thank goodness today we have some preview gameplays so that we can see what it will look loke..   yep.. anotehr game i wont by

  2. I'd love to have a game that makes you start at the bottom of the racing grid, like dirt track and move your way through EVERY type of racer from NASCAR, GT classes, LMP classes, Indy, Formula 1 as a career….

    And while you're advancing through the career you can do other races with the cars that you actually buy for your character and be able to hold open races/make specific races like in Forza.  Is that too much to ask lol?

    I love comparing all of the top end racing to one another, it's nice to see how a NASCAR performce to a GT2 car, and how a Indy compares to a Formula 1 and Formula 3…. 

    Then at the same time it's nice to see how real world cars compare

  3. masterpiece trailer for racing game, literally gave me goosebumps, sadly they didn't got the physics right..
    1:41 is the most intense ( and most awesome) part!

    could you imagine : project cars graphics, sound AND MUSIC ( seriously, the music of this game is phenomenal), Assetto corsa physics, beamng drive damage – perfect racing simulator???

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