New Witcher 3 Gameplay Keeps it Hardcore

Cam and Mark take their horses for a ride, slay some monsters, and admire some digital butts as they get their grubby hands on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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  1. My question is.. is it a world though. IF I go afk and do a Time Lapse will I see the sun fall and rise. Also My favorite thing about a game like skyrim is when people die their dead and their not fodder when you're bored you just dont shoot people because they have value

  2. The Witcher 3 is seperate areas, not a seamless open world. think along the lines of dragon age inquisition. its great that they played the game for 3 hours and dont mention this. everyone else who had this same hands-on demo mentioned it…

  3. are you saying current consoles can't handle this game?!really?!it's beautiful and stuff but it's hardly something we haven't seen before!

  4. One thing i dont like about the Witcher 3 is that you cant kill civilians.
    I dont nescessary want to kill civilians but i want to make the choice by my own.
    Will Game Developer ever get this in their head that restrictions made by them are never fun?

  5. Can't wait to play this! I hope they tweak the ambient NPC reactions though, they seem kinda mannequin at the moment. In the gameplay shown Geralt almost rides an NPS over and there's no real reaction animation. Also, the particle effects for those creatures diving looked really generic and there seemed to be no particle effects while actively swimming. Still, can't wait to get this!  

  6. The game is going to be excellent, great reassurance for my purchase. Huge fan of the witcher 2 and Geralt as a main character. My most anticipated title before bloodbourne and mgs5.

  7. Slightly concerned over the mention of running on a top end PC with 2 980's
    Am I going to have to upgrade to run this?
    I can run Far Cry 4 ok in high settings, but I know that's not a guarantee.

  8. Good commentary by the guys here. Just don´t agree with the awkwardness of the sex scenes in Witcher. Bioware sex scenes are awkward imo, but the Witcher 2 ones were great and realistic based on my experience.;)

    I even openly admit that Triss Merigold´s butt turned me really on! ;P

  9. Dodges? Parries? I havent played the Witcher before only heard of it since the first one but being well versed in hack and slashes like Ninja Gaiden and Devil May Cry this looks right up my alley.

  10. If this is anything like dragon age Inq then HELL NOO! Shit got boring after 20 hours lol. This looks like it will be like DA:I so I am afraid 🙁

  11. When I want to die all the time I fire up Demon's/Dark Souls…and dont end up playing them for very long before I move on….Thought the W2 was too extreme so this is bad news for me….waiting for discount bin.

  12. 3:48 what a b.s. of a smile. nigga was paid to say nice things. This game is gonna be so bugged when it comes out and honestly the combat looks stiff which sucks cause that's a big part of the game. I will probably still get it though, it still looks a lot better than all the other shit out there for "next-gen" consoles.

  13. Gawd…I love it when the games make you work for it. Makes completing missions feel so great after you dealt with them. Gameplay should be great, loved the Witcher's 2 one.

  14. Hello. Good day to everybody. I am just wondering if the following components are able to handle the medium to slightly high graphics setting of Witcher 3. Here goes:

    Processor: AMD Vishera FX-4300 4-Core 3.8Ghz
    GPU: Sapphire R7-250X 1GB DDR5
    Motherboard: ASRock 960GC-GS FX
    RAM: Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB Single 1600

  15. How do you know what you can parry, and what you can't? Are humans the only enemy you can parry or what?

    Thank you in advance for any info, I never played the Witcher games, and have been really curious about this question.

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