New 3DS XL Unboxing

We check out everything included with the North American version of the New 3DS XL, and go over some accessories you may want to grab.

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  1. Seriously, no charger out of the box? Wtf is this? The DLC system now ported to hardware? How much would've the price increased anyway? Either way, if this is a strategy to sell chargers apart, anyone with two neurons on brain is gonna buy the cheaper third party's ones. There's no logic reason for this.

  2. Um, the New 3DS does come with a microSD and if you had a 3DS then you already have a charger in the first place, and the chargers themselves are hardly $3 if you didn't have one before.

  3. New games for this thing that can't be playable on a regular 3DS? I think not! I just got a 3DS XL. And besides the game card slot is the same size so how's that's supposed to play out?

  4. The fact that we're not even getting the choice of the standard model when every other region does is a much bigger issue than the lack of a charger. Sure having no charger sucks big time, but nowhere near as much as the lack of choice.

  5. SO many haters XD there a reason why there no charger because it would cost plus we people who already own 3ds ( like me) Would have charger for it anyway so it's that big of a deal

  6. I can't help but think it's a year or two too late, if this would of released this time last year I'd of grabbed it but how much longer is the 3DS going to be alive for…. I'd be surprised if it's still going a few years from now.

  7. How do you transfer data from your old 3DS XL to the NEW 3DS XL? Im thinking about doing Gamestop's trade program where you get $100 towards a new 3DS XL when you trade a 3DS XL

  8. Definitely silly not to include a charger. Just raise the price slightly but throw a charger in the box. Do you know how many people are gonna buy this, or people who buy it as a gift and just assume a charger will be in the box? (Like absolutely every other electronic accessory in the world)…? Silly move Nintendo….

  9. I love how they Just Slap on a New and suddenly its a whole different thing. Why even include the games for New Nintendo 3DS in the Regular 3DS E-Shop? They'res probably very good reason behind it but its kinda annoying… Well that's my input. That reminds me, whats with that button just above the ABYX Buttons/

  10. Im getting a new 3ds xl with the as adapter lel, talked to gamestop about no ac adapter and how i dont have one, and.. im getting a new! 3ds xl with the adapter :DD

  11. I hope Nintendo will start selling New Nintendo 3ds XL bundles soon!
    I might get my New Nintendo 3DS XL soon when it goes on sale probably on Black Friday or when Nintendo starts selling New 3ds XL bundles!

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