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Neil Druckmann Talks The Last of Us Movie

Naughty Dog creative director Neil Druckmann talks a bit about where they are at in the Hollywood adaptation of The Last of Us.

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  1. NOOOO!!!! FUCK NO!! I was hoping this was just internet trolls and clickbait… Are they seriously going to butcher this masterpiece? True to the game my ass. They never are. I absolutely hate video game movies. If they have a shit story already than sure but not something on the level of TLOU.

  2. I think making a film of a game which is already essentially a movie totally discredits the game itself. We don't need a Last Of Us movie.

  3. Kinda glad the film hit a dead end. I'm sure that Neil would make an incredible film, but not even he could capture the perfection of the game.

  4. Neil – director and Bruce – producer.
    If they manage to bring Hugh Jackman as Joel … maaaaan, I fail to see how it would suck. 🙂

  5. I could see a film that takes place within the world of TLOU. But to do the story of Joel & Ellie again, and to also make big changes? Nah… it was done perfectly already, leave it alone. And am I the only one that cringes at the constant calls for the wolverine to play Joel? He's not Joel.. Josh Brolin would be a way better Joel, look and voice

  6. If Neil druckmann & bruce straley were togather they will made masterpiece the last of part 2 & another video games & they will made the best games in history🌹🧡🎉🎊

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